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This is just to say that I am back here but purely on a 

temporary basis. I won't be posting daily, nor weekly. I will post monthly then take a long break before I have something new to post. I won't be continuing any of the audio series stories, as I am sorry to report that I have absolutely no ideas for them at all.

I wont be posting any kind of any other story either. Just images that are part of new, but slow ongoing project for my image altering style. But definitely not in the form of dolls and I am not doing any moer of those too. Sorry... It's not as if I did not make it clear enough or get word out enough about me doing those and offering a doll making service. Only a few people wanted them and they have them. So my work there is complete. That's how I see it.

No, I won't start doing dolls again. I really do not have a lot that I can offer to this site, other than my image altering artwork, because what I do is art/artistic and further more I do not use photoshop to do what I do. That is what makes what I do unique, different. It's the one thing that I can do really, really well. Depending on which images I am able to use and there's not be a problem with me using them, meaning the owner of the images not wanting that image to be seen, which can happen sometimes.

There is nothing that I can do about that other than respect the wishes of that person and delete the image. I only have and choose one image source and that is Google Images. It's my best ever image source that I have. I always give credit to Google Images. Should I end up with having few images that I can use, then I will stop posting my artwork on here. Please respect this, that is all that I ask, thank you.


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Sarah Marina
Your talent and contributions are appreciated. I hope you don't feel otherwise. Not everyone here always comments on everything, and sometimes we are off doing something else.

I've written several stories and posted my own artwork that didn't seem to get a lot of attention, but it was still worth it.

Please stay in touch.



@ Sarah Marina
  Thank you so much. Yes I do take all of those things into account. That said, it gets a little harder to try to be positive posting etc. when so few comments are given and I have done a lot of work here over time. I have been here since Baby Butch was and he's been here even longer than me. Comments are supposed to help support the postee and encourage them to do more of what they are doing. Yes I am proud of my work, always.

I know that I am not the only one to get not only upset, concerned too when peopel not comment. Baby Butch, I hope you not mind I mention the fact this happens to you, while it no longer bothers you. Or not as so much. I know that a lack of comments sometimes not always help. Again thank you so much Sarah for the thoughtful words, much appreciated.  
Hi are you the same person who blogs a misstressandhersissy.
If so those are always most interesting  
@ RachelLeigh
  Sorry to say no I am not. The only other name that I have been known by was PetBabyAmy, my old account is still here, but not active, since I long ago wanted that deleted, but it never did get deleted and I had no wish or desire to continue on with that account. I hope that this information helps? Sorry I cannot be of further assistance to your enquirery.
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