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Where I am At And & What I Need


Hello and curtsies to you all. My Name Is Amy, my birth name was Timothy. *Yuck!* I have had the need to be a baby girl since the age of 6 and my sissy nature also began at the same age, but I was far too young to be able to understand the way I felt and I knew nothing about Sissies or Adult Babies.


I was born in 1969, so I grew up in the times of when there was no Internet, no I-Phones, and personal computers were not like what they are today. I have had a bad upbringing, my teen life sucked, as so did nearly most of my adult life. My need to be a Baby Girl, was always a part of me, but not overtly at the forefront of my mind, it hid in shadows, one might say, but it came out from time to time and when it did so, I got so utterly confused about the whole thing and I thought and I even believed at the time, that there was something terribly wrong with me.


So I tried to push that part of myself away, the baby and even the sissy aspects of my life. But that did me in the end, more harm than good.  By the time I was 39, it was then I saw an adult baby on a TV Talk Show that mentioned about adult babies and by that time I had managed to get a computer with basic internet connection. It was nothing rally fancy either, it was just under being a Pentium 3 at a Pentium 2 and half processor, custom built PC.


I did a search for information on Adult Babies and I found one, it was from there I learned the truth and found my true self. I joined Sissy Kiss with the Profile name of PetBabyAmy, which I later changed to SissyPetBabyAmy. Yeah, it was not that much of a change really, anyway. I have been through many online Mummies, all with promises of that I would one day go to be and live with them and that I would live out my true life as the Sissy Baby That I should be.  


But they all turned out to be deceitful and my whole world came crashing down around me. It has taken me a long, long time to get back up after each of those fake Mummies had let me down etc. Now at age 49 and truly, most sincerely, desperately even, I need a Mummy. She can be a Trans Woman, a lesbian, bisexual, or straight, but with a very open mind.


I am willing to consider a Daddy, though it won’t be easy, but I would rather not say here in public, as it is a personal and a private matter. So any guys out there looking for an adult baby and not mind me being physically 49 years old, send me a PM. My Baby Age, is as near to it, 18 months old. I say this because I am learning disabled and my mental disability varies, in many different things, sometimes however, I know and understand less than most 1 year olds do today.


But not always and definitely not everything, that said, my mental disability is a complicated one, so patience, understanding and above all, genuine caring is needed to be able to look after me. I’m open to gay guys, as I am open to lesbians, but one golden rule.

Nothing Sexual, whatsoever. If that puts you off, please look and go elsewhere. Things of a sexual nature is just way too complicated and a problem I honestly do not know if it’s something that I can be cured of. I should not and I won’t apologise for this matter.

Take me as I am or not at all, just please, please be living anywhere in the UK, is all that I ask, with no disrespect or harm meant to anyone living outside the UK, unless you are able to provide financially, and sorry to bring the matter, up, but I am on benefits here in the UK, that I can’t or most likely not be able to claim or get anywhere else, that I am currently aware of. Also that I get free health care here in the UK, which I may not be able to get outside of the UK.


So I ask anyone reading this, who may be interested in having me as their Sissy Baby, for real, no one offs, no pretences. 100% Genuine, if not, don’t waste my time. I need to live my true life, fully, completely 24/7 as the Sissy Baby that I should and need to be. I’m at a point where I will almost do anything to have that life, but I am not completely stupid, so be warned.

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