R Mulitple Split Personalities. Am I Alone?
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Hi, I have decided to be, open, because I'm not sure if Brave would be the right word to chose here. It is most, in fact very and extermely difficult for anyone to be an adult baby or a sissy. I am both and more. Those things within themselves are not easy to cope and live with, sometimes.

As a child, as some, though not all, I had an imaginary friend. Before I knew what was happening to me I ended up having more than one. It was not that I did not have any actual friends. Though, they were not the kind I was really close to in any way, my behavour was seen as odd and not normal, I was forced to see a child Psychiatrist, that did not work out too well, so I was forced upon another one to try and treat me.

In thier eyes and in the eyes of my parents, even the teachers of my school, they all agreed that there was something wrong with me, therefore I needed help to be like all of the other normal kids. I grew to accept this fact, even though a part of me felt that something did not seem to feel right somehow. But surely my so called parents, teachers and all of the shrinks could not all be wrong? Could they?

It was at that point when my first split personality came into existance, so to speak, all of previous imaginary friends had been purged from my mind, so to speak, the less I mention what happened to make them go away, the better. Suffice as to say, I felt lost and alone without them. I was always found crying at nights which drove everyone nuts. I was the crazy one of the family, the FREAK...

Anyway, I digress, I eventually ended up with 5 unique different split personalities, not one single one of them was human. I think maybe part of my mind needed something not human for me to be able to relate to and feel safe with, since so many others that were human treated me almost as though I was not, I even felt and wished that I wasn't human.

Sad to say these split personalities were soon discovered,I tried hard to keep them a secret, they too did not really wanted to be discovered, they were my only guardians, even though yes, they were not real. I was going to be sent to Pyschiatric Hospital unless I was wiling to be helped to rid myself of those split personalities. Fearing that, I accepted the altimatum. But I was never completely the same losing those split personalities, they were just as much a part of me as I was of them.

For a long, very, long, long time I was Split Personality Free, but without those personalities, I slowly and gradually mentally and emotionally began to fall apart that resulted in me having two emotional break downs, neither of which did I recover from. It pretty much seemed that I would never get back those personalities, but certain events lead me nearly almost have another emotional breakdown, in order to prevent that very and real outcome, of that I have no doubt in my mind, I knew that I was heading that way, I can't explain how really being aware, I'm not sure if anyone will understand or even beleive me, even if I did try to explain it.

All I can say is that things were bad, I mean, really, really bad. I literally feared the worst, to my surprise, but altimately my huge reliefe, they had come back. I do not know how exactly, those very same 5 different personalities had returned to me. While I know and am aware of others that have Multiple Split Personality, or better known as Mulitple Split Personality Disorder. Am I though, the only one here with it?
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