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Ethereal (Promo Video) Although the music album is now complete on YouTube. Keyboards: YAMAHA CS1x. KORG 01 W/fd Workstation & KORG microKORG XL.


KORG 01 W/fd Workstation


Ethereal Part 1 Featured the use of the YAMAHA CS1x with the use of the KORG 01 W/fd Workstation. Parts 2-5 were solely played on the Workstation. Part 6 featured the KORG microKORG XL to compliment the voice used in part 6 on the Workstation.

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Baby Butch
The music is enjoyable and reminds me of the heavens or outer space. It appears you added a more revolving space with stars and the image wings are moving. Love the page disintegration at the end. Is this preview of all 6 parts? I noticed the breaks between the music. Great job with the Music and Video! 
@ Baby Butch

Yes Baby Butch, the Promo is a preview of Parts 1-6. I am glad that you like the music. Yes the wings are reveloving thanks to the new video maker program that I have that has special effects features: Particle Effects, which no other free video maker programs have. Most top quality paid for video maker programs has this feature. Easy Video Maker, the name of the program, used for making the music videos with,  is free.

Yes, the wings ar moving thanks to another free video maker program called Photostage Slideshow Producer by NCH, with the effect of: Video Ripple, that gives the effect of the wings moving, but they are just a still image. And finally, yes the musc is somewhere being between heavenly and outer space like/other worldy hence the name of the title of my music album. My aim was to do New Age like music on a whole different level from the usual kind of music that you get with New Age Music.

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