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The Art Of Image



Some people may know this, some people may not. This is a topic very dear to me since the very first time I made an attempt to change an image of a guy wearing just briefs or speedos, to a guy wearing a pair of frilly plastic pants. For that I needed an image of a guy from behind.

Or in what I like to term as Bum Shots. That was pretty much the starting point really, but in its earliest conception, I drew around the image of a guy first, or more to the point, I drew around the butt area and nothing else, keeping the original image source.


That I had used as a texture in SketchUp, I advanced from flat image alteration to 2D Model making, I would draw around the image of a guy first make that drawing into a 2D Model, then draw around a textured image of a pair of frilly plastic pants and make them into another 2D model, then reopen the guy model and import the 2D model of the frilly plastic pants, scale and place over the butt area of the 2D guy, model. Making the image look as though he’s wearing the frilly plastic pants, when in fact, it’s just two 2 2D models, one over the other.


It was I thought a cool optical illusion. But I Wanted to be able to do more than just do altered images of men in frilly plastic pants. So I tried swimsuits. Those worked out great, but my attempt to do guys in dresses, did not work quite as well. I slowly began to realise that I could not keep on using the method of 2 2D models, one over the other. Which brought me back to what I had done before just a flat 1D Image altered with clothing in place of what the guy was originally wearing then that was when an idea hit me.


Why not. I thought, I do everything first all in 1D, well, I needed to see if I could put dresses on images of guys first. So, that was what I did, it was slow going at first the process, but over time I became better at it, as well as putting on the guys socks with shoes and underwear. I have had the idea of doing dolls before I had the idea of image alteration working all in 1D format first. But I could not at that point, see a way of how to make the dolls idea work and I initially had the idea to use images of real guys between 18-20.


But there was sadly a real problem with that, some male images were of guys in full, with feet etc. others were waist down shots or just down to their thighs, which meant if I wanted a guy wearing socks etc. I would have to add the bottom half of the legs. This was not easy, but most images were of guys in mid stride, or stood facing, but their bodies leaning slightly and not always dead straight. Which was problematic in that some dresses or swimsuits etc. from front facing view on would not line up with those guys facing front but leaning slightly.


So I thought to myself, there has to be a better way for me to make my doll idea to work. I wanted it to work so bad. Because it meant I could keep on using SketchUp, as I was near almost running out of things for me to make, model wise, being completely in 3D. I still am almost near running out of things to make in terms of 3D Models.


Anyway, I knew that I had to try and do something, something not only that worked, but something that I could do and keep on doing, while getting better at it all the time, or simply keep doing what I am doing with what I can do and to keep doing that well, more than well enough, that it is an art form. Images of flesh and blood guys was not working, so I thought, why nottry images of naked male dolls instead. I worked and I worked, I practiced time and time again. Until at long last, I had perfected my image alteration technique. I had a formula that I knew that I can reproduce time and again.


I was relieved and happy, beyond happy, I had achieved a long-time dream goal, that I honestly thought that I would never achieve, ever. My dream goal had seemed like an impossible one, what helped to make that possibility was a change of image source, meaning images of flesh and blood guys. But before trying to run as the saying goes, before learning  to walk, I did a standard and easy to do head swap, anyone can even do this with the use of Photoshop and other such programs similar to it.


I have done head swaps before, I wanted to added something extra, something that would really help the image of the head swap stand out. I had already an option in SketchUp to help with that slightly, but I needed a little something extra. So I went to the Google SketchUp Warehouse to look for what is termed as ‘Plug Ins’ These are special program extras that you can add to your SketchUp Program to make significant improvements etc. than one cannot do or achieve normally with the standard use of SketchUp.


I found one of these ‘Plug Ins’ For smooth texturing and more, without me completely revealing my exact source of what I used for my Alteration Technique, to which there is a whole lot more to it than that plug in and the on-board options in SketchUp. I will however say this much about my technique, that every single image has to be drawn around.


But how to do this and make all of those images, all fit seamlessly as though as one whole image. Is and shall forever remain my complete secret. It would be nice if I can one day pass on such a technique, it would be a pity for it to go to waste. Someone somewhere will have the honour of me passing that technique onto them, who, I do not know. But for now, that secret stays with me.

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 Righton. Layering is a practice used by many digital artists in MS the Adobe softwares. I have been a CS users since rendering, ray tracing, modframe and dithering has been created. MS gives us their new version with 3d paint. For video  Premiere Elements 15  and in  Cyberlinkpowerdirector15 I use 3D at times to give a still image for a scene depth. Viewers can see examples of this in some of my videos on youtube. She is a Doll is a perfect example of this technology.    While watching it, place your finger near the image and it will appear to almost touch Dollie I learn new stuff everyday and keep expanding my skills like all us digital artists and I love it.  Keep up the good work and party On.... 

 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
@ dolliesissy

Why thank you dolliesissy for the information and the lovely comment too. I love all forms of art, paint, oils, pencil shading, digital, etc. I have equally an eclectic taste in art as I do with my love of music. It is truly wonderful what people can do with digital art and what that allows us all to do that cannot be done or  may not be able to be done in physical art terms. Everyone has his or her own unique technique.


I am happy to have found my own with using SketchUp. I have tried various other 3D modelling programs with not much success due to my learning disabilities. Suffice as to say, to me and only to me that is, those programs that I tried to learn are far too difficult for me to be able to understand and use etc. While to everyone that uses such programs, to them those programs are easy. I’m sure those programs would be easy to a 2 year old of these modern day times. And good for any of those 2 year olds that do find such things to be easy to learn etc.


However, not everyone are all exactly the same way etc. Sadly all of my life I have people tell me, even yell at me, saying I should know a certain thing, or that I have to even learn it etc. They not believe me when I tell them that I simply can’t do that. I understand why they find it so hard to believe, because I do show a good degree of intelligence about me, I have been told this often by many people and I believe them. It is true, but so are the things that I cannot learn and be able to understand those things, be also equally true, because I am as best as I can explain it, wired differently to most people.


I always have been, but sadly no one hardly gets it understands it or even remotely believes it, when evidence of such a fact is presented to them. I honesty do not know why when even then with proof, right before their eyes, they not accept that proof. As silly this may seem, it is, I swear, so very true. Sadly all of this makes me feel so alone in the world, I’m sure that I am not so. But with the way people in my life have been towards me, it makes mes me feel so truly alone, even if I am not. I will definitely watch the video, thank you for the YouTube Link dolliesissy, much appreciciated.


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