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 I have been quite busy over Christmas and the New Year making new 3D Models, as I have two ongoing 3D Projects, Dungeons and Dream Homes. When I say Dungeons, I mean dungeon like levels that you see in RPG's.

I have collected a number of Dungeon Maps and House Plans, which are used in SketchUp, for me to make my dungeons and dream homes from. Here is what I have done so far.

The Dungeon Of Moxdoon

Sacred 2. Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian Chambers

The Guardian Cube

Dream Home 1

All of the above models can be viewed in full 3D, just click on the links, or copy and paste the links into your browser.

The Guardian Cube was made as a seperate model by me for the Sacred 2. Sacred Hall Of The Temple Guardian Chambers

Also The Sci-Fi Doors were made by me as one seperate model that was duplicated for each room as seen in the Sacred Hall Dungeon Level model.

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Baby Butch
Nice job with the 3D models SissyBabyPet. I viewed the site for a few minutes to see you made 17 models. Been avoiding new websites having just cleaned up my computer. *Big Hug*
@ Baby Butch
  No problems Baby Butch, I undeerstand, I have made more than 17 models, but they are under an old account I had: (See Update) I do not know why Trimble simply did not ask me or do it automatically move over all of the old models to my direct account that I have with them. There's two ways to sign in or join. Through the official site themselves or via Gmail. All of my old models that I have are linked to an old Gmail account that I no longer have, yet my models at SketchUp Remain. Which I am glad that they do. It would help though to have all of my models in one place if you know what I mean?


Here's a link to all of my models from when I had an old gmail account linked to the SketchUp Warehouse. I wish they would just simply merge or switch the old model files to my current account that I ahve directly with Trimble instead. The problem with havign an email  linked to another or any other account, is that if you should delete the email account that you have, and you're not happy with it. In short, it means you lose acces to those places that are likinked up to that email account. Since I not have the old gamil account is why I can't move over the models to my current account with Trimble itself.

Original Google SketchUp/Trimble Models:

Str8 Orientation
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