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Hello everyone!!
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Hello everyone!!
I've been interested in increasing my bust size for the longest time, but to no avail. I'm currently 18 as a 34 B or 34 C, depending on who manufactured the bra. I have a "scooping" breast shape, and it makes it kinda difficult to fill out most of my bras.
A while back, I tried breast enhancing pills, and they didn't do much whatsoever, and now I have started taking herbs for a bit. While I have seen a SLIGHT improvement, I still don't feel like I'm getting much from them ;(

This is what I'm taking right now per day:
3660 MG Fenugreek (6 capsules, two in morning/afternoon/evening)
1620 MG Saw Palmetto (3 capsules, one in morning/afternoon/evening)
1200 MG Red Clover (3 capsules, one in morning/afternoon/evening)
3000 MG Evening Primrose Oil (3 capsules, one in morning/afternoon/evening)
Fish, Flax, and Borage Oil (2 capsules in morning)
Vitamin E (2 capsules in morning)
Multivitamin (1 capsule at night)
Complex B with C vitamin (1 capsule at night)

Are there any changes I should make or certain ones I should increase on, or?? I want to be able to get the best benefits from them considering I am spending my money on these.
I'm just so tired of the size and shape of my breasts and I'm constantly upset about them and I just want to improve them
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