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That sexy sultry soft female face anytime I wanted.
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I always loved all things girly most especially dolls.  It’s simply natural for a transgender like myself to have tons of dolls at home and at one point in time, did not we wish we were pretty dolls ourselves? Guess what, I found a way to have that look. That sexy sultry soft female face anytime I wanted.
While randomly searching for crossdressing stuff online I stumbled upon a thing called Female Mask by The product stated that it gives one the feminine face shape like that of a woman along with matching hair nose and eyebrows for that complete female look.
For a crossdresser like me, it immediately got my attention. I mean let’s face it, some of us still have that masculine face shape that we simply cannot hide with make-up alone. So a mask which is quite easy to use (just pull over your head) is a fresh new idea. The female mask is made from silicone rubber which is really soft to touch and not irritating to the skin. The longest I have worn the mask was about 8 hours and I had no skin reaction after removing it. It is so amazing.
My friends and random people from the street call me “miss” “ma’am” and other female names. I loved it!
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