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OK, due to a XAT-glitch today, I've learned two reasons why I've been banned from the Sissy Kiss chat:

First I'm accused of being a troll.  This is an absolute lie.  This is the stereotypical reaction of a bully who can say anything with no fear of a response from a victim.  Any owner/moderator who has made this claim should either prove it or apologize.  I cannot believe that a site I've grown to love like Sissy Kiss tolerates this behaviour.

Second I'm accused of picking fights with owners/moderators.  I don't believe this is true either but I can see how some might see it to be so.  I confess that I have disagreed and questioned owners/moderators in the past but I've done so politely.  At least this is my perception and once again it is the behavior of a bully to tolerate no questioning.  In fact, if you grant power to a sissy, it's not uncommon for that power to be unconciously abused.  Once again, I think any owner/moderator who feels this way should prove it.

I can prove nothing because of the programming of XAT/chat.    I can't reproduce the conversation when my  screen goes blank.  The owners/moderators can cite chapter and verse if they choose.  I can't send feedback to those I perceive to be bullies because they are well hidden in their anonymity.

These are good people doing a necessary job but there needs to be some mechanism by which users may disagree with them.  Over the years I've seen cherished sissies chased away by them, never to return.  They are not perfect, nor am I.

I would appreciate any feedback to my thoughts here.  Please tell me where I'm wrong.

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