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Mistress Sabrina sent me a script to work with the Virtual Master program and, among other things, I'm required to keep a blog as long as I accept my sissy servitude.  Since I am being honest I will say I selected the bed-wetting sissy option once I got things working.  This is my first report.

First I must confess that I will not be posting any pictures as required by the program in the foreseeable future.  Many here on Sissy Kiss know I'm a very shy sissy and I cannot post pictures of myself that may come back to haunt me.  I'm too cowardly.  I will, of course, accept any punishment for this failure or quit the program admitting I'm not worthy to be Mistress Sabrina's slave if necessary.

I was presented with a long list of things I'd need to participate in the program, including big-girl panties, little girl panties, diapers and training pants, a chastity cage, sexy nighties and PJs, a paddle and other items, all of which I already have.  Here I disobeyed the program again, since the first thing it ordered me to do was to put on diapees.  Then it wanted me to model a gaff, then my chastity cage, which I couldn't do in diapers.  I did manage the clothespins though, and ouch!

I'm hoping Mistress Sabrina or her program will understand that I'm trying to be the best sissy I can be.  I tried to make the 25 swats as hard as I can!
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