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I want to say happy HAPPY New year to all of the lovely sissies here and best wishes for the next!  I wish you all (choose what you like) the poofiest diapees plus a loving mommy to change 'em, the prettiest an' softest panties which never stain, and two extra cup sizes with pretty bras to put 'em in. :)

Of course, drama queen, stubborn fool, whatever, that I am I wish I could reach out to some of my old friends who disappeared after the summer programming update and I blame it a little bit on the inadequacies of the SK chat.  I miss them dearly and I wish them kisses forever.  Uhoh, you may guess I'm about to talk about the SK chat again.  :(

You see, I think if the SK chat had been what it should be, a fun place to be, tolerant of all, and with no bullies as moderators or "owners" whatever they are, the summer jump to the new site would not have lost as many sissies as it did.  A vibrant chat involving all of us would have been the firstest place for negotiating the new SK.  And there ARE some wonderful new features.  I love my sissy space (except that the bugs still haven't been worked out).  Wonderful potential limited by some programming glitches that just need some fixing.  I think that posts and users would have gone up instead of down with the communication a well regulated chat provides.

I doubt I'll spend much time here in the future and it makes me sad (and it makes me sad that there are some who will be glad).  Half a year after the update, minor glitches are still not fixed, and I don't like being bullied by the people who run chat, so I'll just drop into the netherland of a sissy missing a wonderful place to BE a sissy.  I was clueless about what I thought to be perversions when I first came here, then perhaps a fetish, and now just part of me.

I cannot say how much I owe to Mistress Luv (~ XOXOXOX :) ) for creating this wonderful (and now not so wonderful IMO) place.

Once again, I wish you all the best, and for those in diapees I hope yours last thru the New Year with no leaks!

Rene Descartes before the change
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