PG Chat and bullies
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I have been banished from the SKchat and I don't believe I deserve it.  I try to follow the rules as published, but here I am (or more accurately, here I am NOT).

Generally I'll find a blank screen so I don't know who banished me or why.  I have had moderators/owners pick fights with me, then threaten me and banish me when I ask for an explanation.  I know at least one mod has callen me a troll, which is a slanderous lie and what I think of as bullying behavior.

In my opinion, the current chat on Sissy Kiss is not up to the standards or philosophy of Sissy Kiss in general.  I've never had a response to any serious questions I've asked; in fact I've been censored in the forums for even asking questions (tho I don't know who censored me or for what).
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