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I'm trying to rediscover what's important to me about being a sissy.
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I have not been a good sissy lately.  I'd like to blame my bad behavior on this site and how it's been broken since the new upgrade of last summer but I know it's really me.  I've been lacking the strength to carry on what I've learned here from my ultimate Mistress Luv.

What brought this on?

In my laundry room there's a shelf where people leave stuff that's for-the-taking.  Over the last few years I've found some nice femmy blouses and such, but yesterday there was a pack of 12 generic disposable diapees.  I snuck 'em out, tried one on and used it (for number 1 :( ).  I started thinking about how I've been slipping in my sissy behavior.

So today I bought a 36 pack at the store and I'm going to wear 'em and use 'em till they are gone.  No toilet for me!  I confess I have not been sitting to pee all the time like a good sissy should and I'm thinking about that!  We'll see how long they last and if I can learn anything.
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