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Accidental Nair contact on my sensitive area
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Last Sunday I went to the shower with a tube of Nair, for what I had every reason to believe would be nothing more or less than another good arm, leg, underarm and chest dehairing. I've been doing that for years. Unfortunately I got some of that stuff on my you-know-where.

OWWWWW! It burned like hell. I had no choice other than to halt further application of Nair right then and there, thoroughly wash it off my sensitive area, and settle for my legs and arms being hairy until the chemical injury to said area heals.

So while I'll continue to participate in Sissykiss and Girltalk, the happy, well-adjusted Prissie of my dreams will have to remain trapped in my real world body. Eventually, after everything heals and with a review of procedures to prevent Nair from touching my most sensitive area, hopefully I'll be able to dehair my legs and arms like I've always done. And once again, the Prissie of my imagination will be able to come out and hop and skip and play and be happy.
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