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Diapered out of necessity, so first impressions
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 So because of current events  I ended up being in diapers for the first time since I was an actual baby almost all day yesterday.  Between drugs, lots of water, and some internal owies I was in a position where holding it in was really hard so why fight it?

So the diapers were comfy.  Definitely like wearing them though I'd like to find some thicker ones.  I also used baby powder, so I really like that smell and feeling. Peeing in the diapers was nice as well.  I couldn't control myself properly, so I had a bit of an authentic experience there.  However, waking up in a wet diaper wasn't necessarily something I enjoyed.  Not fond of the clammy feeling and I preferred feeling nice and fresh.  I don't think I'll be the type of girl to leave on a wet diaper and try to fill it to capacity, preferring instead to get a fresh diaper change. 

So yeah, though yesterday was pure awful, it did act as a bit of an exploratory exercise.  One could consider that a silver lining.
"They see you as small and helpless
They see you as just a child
Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild
Prepare for your greatest moments
Prepare for your finest hour
The dream that you've always dreamed is
Suddenly about to flower"
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