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 I've been on this journey now for quite a while, having started wearing women's clothing in my teens, after accidentally having a pair of pantyhose brush against my bare skin.  I found I liked the feeling and wanted more of it, taking to wearing pantyhose and panties as I could manage (which was not often in those days).

When I was married, my ex wife never wore her lingerie, and I got the urge again, so I would put it on.  I wore teddies, panties, anything she had that I could get into.  Once, I wore her French Maid teddy with thigh high stockings out in public under my male clothes.  I felt like I was more alive than ever.  I was on fire.  But I was also certain everyone at the store I was in knew.

After the divorce, when I was on my own, I again started feeling the urge.  I spent a lot of time talking to online Dommes, and eventually bought some toys and some women's clothes of my own.  However, just prior to moving in with a woman I'd known for a while, I purged, and, when I got back home after things fell apart, I had a low paying job and no clothes of my own to wear.  I again went shopping, sometimes at dollar stores, sometimes at Victoria's Secret.  I even had a friend send me a dildo, though it's a bit big for me to take inside me. 

For the next five years, I shared housing with others, having nearly no opportunities to let the sissy inside me out to play.  I longed to let her out so much that I started buying things again, including chastity.  Even though my chances for using it were not good, I wanted it, just in case I got the chance to use it.  Finally, that chance occurred.  I even shaved my legs at that point, and I found that I enjoyed the smooth feeling.  I again spent a lot of time speaking to online Dommes, making purchases and sneaking chances to take pictures for them. 

I got speaking to an old friend who was also into it, and deleted all the pictures I'd taken for others, only having a few that I took for her.  She initially wanted me to dispose of the panties I'd purchased, as well, but, I couldn't.  I did not want to be without again.

Now, I've been speaking to a Domme again, and we've gotten a little more serious, speaking of Her moving into my house and making me her sissy cuckold.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  It's a path I've been tiptoeing around on for quite a while.

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Hiya Michelle - it's lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It sounds as though your journey has had some serious up and downs but you are finally letting who you truly are come to the surface. And so you should - too many sissies live in denial of who they want to be and end up living miserable lives because of it - most times it is down to those around them and, to me, it's the wrong decision. I'm pleased to hear that you haven't let this effect you and have continued on your journey whenever possible. I very much hope your future works out and wish you all the best. Stop tiptoeing about and start mincing in those heels - there's nothing so wonderful. :-)
     Big hugs and well wishes
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
i know how you feel i have been going through it my self it is like liveing a double life 
i love dressing like a girl
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