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 This is my pride and joy. DeeDee Kong is a game modification of Diddy Kong in Mario Kart Wii with different textures from the original. I have a great friend on Skype who isn't a bad artist. She has quite a bit of talent and she's also pretty feminine. She put her girly imagination to work.

This texture started out as a joke, but she wound up making the joke a reality and strongly insisted (*cough* forced me to *cough*) that I use it or else her work would have been for nothing and she would have been majorly pissed. She started out with the name Debbie Kong, but later we changed to DeeDee Kong because it sounds better and DeeDee sounds like a prissier version of Diddy Kong. Ever since I have come out on the Internet, I have been using this texture for almost 3 years now and I do not plan on stopping. Diddy Kong is one of the only characters in this game that can pull of a crossdressed look too, in my opinion.

Anyways, onto the texture description! My friend used a really deep pink for his hat and shirt, with a white heart on the front of both. She used a light purple for the top of the bike and a dark purple for the bottom of it. The two star accents on the bike she changed to blue rings with a purple heart inside. Have you ever seen a monkey wearing makeup? Well now you have! I did not expect my friend to actually do this, but she wound up pulling it off! She drew eyelashes for him with her tablet pen, as well as lining the eyelids with black to make it look like he has eyeliner on. She used two coats of eyeshadow in two different colors. The outer parts of the lid have a dark shade of pink while the inner parts have a lighter shade. To top it off, she put pink lipstick on his bottom lip and gave it a bit of shine. What's a monkey in drag without lipstick?

Here are the texture maps so you can see what she had to edit:


Those eyelids Diddy has were also added in and manually animated! Diddy Kong does not have eyelids by default in this game because Nintendo was lazy. Sounds like a lot of work to add all that right? Believe me, it was! Those white patches on the eyeshadow are caused by a defect in the texture importer and exporter program and can't be easily corrected (they aren't too bad in-game though).

Here is an image from in-game:

You can see that the white spot defects are very hard to see, which is a relief! This is an old picture where we had eyeshadow on both the top and lower lids. It wound up looking too unnatural for me so eventually the eyes got edited to only have the eyeshadow on the top lids. I mean it's the only thing that makes sense. You don't see many girls going around with blue bottom lids now do you?

The heart with the KD logo (designed by another friend of mine) was later added by another talented texture editor, however they were male. Before that I had light gold cursive text saying "KayT".

This is not the only vehicle in the game that has this texture, I have 3 others! I'll upload them soon. Also this is the only picture I took from an emulator, the rest are from the game itself (like the one above of her clapping preciously) so they will not be as high of a resolution.

Sometimes when I think of DeeDee Kong, I think of his girlfriend Dixie Kong feminizing him for losing a bet and forcing him to go out on the race track like this, to be seen in front of every other Mario Kart character. An older version of this texture has sad eyes and it greatly reflects this. The newer version has more serious eyes because I like to be serious in races. o;

Hope you enjoy my friends' work! I personally find DeeDee Kong absolutely adorable ♥ and everyday I use her on the track, she makes me proud to be the sissy I am. ✿
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