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How I was forced to play Laurey Williams from the musical play
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T-Girls and Ladies,
Thinking back to when I was a very shy 14 year old boy in 1968, and all I wanted to take is shop class and other boy type of class.
Well to my surprise my school scheduled was changed to where the classes that i had to take is Drama, Girls Physical and health education class, home economic class and other class like those. 
Well in drama class we where studying Shakespeare and how the males had to play all the roles even the female roles in his day.
to make this story very short is that I said something and yes I am not sure what was said, for it has been 46 years since, but i was almost exspelled from school. What kept me in school was that I was to be in the musical play (Oklahoma). Well I said okay I will do that, but here is just what did happen. I was told that i was to play the leading female role in (Oklahoma). 
Yes my teacher and principal said that I was going to play the leading role Laurey Williams. 
Here is the problem I cannot act, sing, dance, or even had any interest in being in a play, and not even a minor role, for I did not want to do this at all.
Me and my parents did object to me even doing this and we did ask is there one other way to get me out of the play at all. 
Well now I had to learn how to play the role Laurey Williams this mean I would have to wear the undergarments and dresses from 1906 before Oklahoma was a State.
The undergarment that i had to wear was bloomers,a T-type of shirt or camisole I not sure what one would call that, corset,stockings, ladies shoes of that time period, ladies boots from the time period, and a wedding dress that was made for me, and other dresses from that time period. Yes my mother still has all of that storied and locked in a truck along with some pictures of me being Laurey Williams.
I had no fake or anything to make me look like i had any breast, for just by putting on the corset made me look like my breast where very natural.
Okay during the rehearsals before the dress rehearsals my teacher just put a dress over my cloths to help me get use to being a female and to think like a female, for I had no idea how to be a girl at that time.  
By putting a blond wig on my and with the makeup on I looked like a female. 
Okay in the play there was a scene where the boy that played Curley did proposed marriage to me and I had to sing to him and accept the  proposal of marriage, and yes kiss him which I did by the way. 
In the wedding scene I did wear a wedding dress, and had a bridal bouquet were I even had to learn how to throw like a lady would and yes I had to kiss him. 
Now  here is one other thing that as a very shy boy had to do was to take a curtain call whereby the cast was introduced. I did not want to do this, for I felt that doing the play was enough, but my teacher had to in truth go and help me back onto the stage where she introduces me and to our surprise i did receive a standing ovation, and was asked to do the play more than one time. Well our teacher did accept the invitation on behalf of the class to preform at the local preforming art local theater and we did, plus other performances in the local school as well and it lasted about one year, for after 1969 we did not do the play.  
Here is a funny thing that the girl that wanted to play Laurey Williams at first did ask me out on a date in which we did go out on that date. She told me that I did a good job and she even said some like i was a very cute and sexy girls too.
The boy that played Curley and the boy that played Jud forgot that i was a boy and did ask me out on a date as well. No i did not go out on a date with eh boys. 
Here is what that said that I was a very beautiful girl and I looked very sexy too. 
Here is a fact even back in 1968 and 1969 I did like being a girl and yes I would play the role Laurey Williams all over again as well. I felt like a girl and wow what a nice feeling too.
You lady and T-girls the even that started it all was the bra burning from September 7, 1968. 
Ladies I now have the desire to buy a dress from the time period now as we are talking about it and wear it, but I need a plus size now.
I would love to hear from all of you out there. Please call me Laurey or Laurey William, or Ms Laurey, or Ms Laurey Williams please 
Thank you 

Laurey Williams

 Laurey Williams
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