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I am dressed in adult-sized toddler girl style of clothes and made to act just as I appear for everyone's amusement and entertainment.
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Hello, everyone.
I need to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants because of my wetting problem.
I have browsed this site a few times, and I especially enjoy the humiliation theme and adults in diapers art
I have often fantasized about what it would be like to all of a sudden have my long pants pulled down in public by a meanie young woman, and she, and others within view, laugh and point at my diaper-filled plastic pants. I was teased quite a lot as a child, and called names like 'sissy'. It was horrible.
I have also, once in a while, fantasized about being dressed up in an adult-sized, pink, toddler-style dress with an elastic waist band that wraps around just below my chest and a pleated skirt that covers only a few tiny inches of my white Gerber plastic panties that are stuffed to their capacity. I have ruffled ankle socks that match the motif of my skirt and shiny white old-fashioned Mary Jane shoes. There's a matching frilly baby bonnet over my head and a huge, mouth-filling pink pacifier I am required to nurse until I dribble and drool on to my pink vinyl pinafore. My eyes are red from several crying bouts because the young ladies who have dressed me this way enjoy making me blush and blubber. Not only that but make me skip across the tiled kitchen floor where my Mary Janes make that distinctive tapping. I lisp through my pacifier: "My name ith Thithy Thuthan.  Ah'm not potty-twained yet. That'th why ah wear didees and baby pantiths." I have already been fed several baby bottles of juice, so by this point, I feel that familiar urge you-know-where! Only seconds after that, and before I have the chance, and control enough, to ask them to let me sit down on my potty chair to tinkle, I helplessly pour a strong stream of warm wetties that nearly soaks my cotton gauze diapers to their full capacity. I am then instructed to resume my skipping exercises which causes my white plastics to sag further down my hairless thighs. Of course, everyone in the room, between sips of Oolong tea and chatting up the latest gossip, giggle, chortle and playfully comment on my appearance and behavior. This is just a small sample. I have other fantasies about other situations, and they all involve my wearing diapers. If anyone else wants to make friends based on this, I welcome it. Thank you for reading and take care!

Larina Diaperina
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