All PG I am a Domme who seeks for a pretty but obedient sissy
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I am a Domme who seeks for a pretty but obedient sissy, No Servant is greater than his Domina
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Just call Me Lady Sarah, I was born and raised in a family of Dominants, My parents who are both Dominants raised Me with both vanilla and BDSM lifestyle. At first I really had the hard time to catch up with the way My parents are teaching Me but afterwards I'd learn on how to use to it and embrace MY true mission in life. I even recall once that My classmates and teachers told that I am too much aggressive for a girl because even MY male classmates are following what I want them to do just like a bully. I only seriously living this lifestyle for 8 years now and within that span I already owned some servants who really served Me with all the things that I wished them to do. I also explored all the stuffs that are into this lifestyle with My previous servants,from there I found out and classified the stuffs that I can call MY fetishes, the things that I can do for My servant for fun and also to the stuffs that I can do for punishment purposes in order to correct the bad behaviors and actions of the servant. I am  friendly, caring  and jolly type of Domme and not the usual type which is very strict even without any reason, but once a servant made Me upset and really disappointed with his works I can turn to be very cruel Domme that can be his worst nightmare because I can even break his limits if necessary according to what he had done wrong
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