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Hi sissy girls,

being a sissy by heart I always wanted a sissy sailor dress and so it was only consequently to sit down and make one my own.

Well, as I always start with a basic pattern and leave it to my inspiration when it comes to decorating the dress, it looks as I went a bit over board and the dress went out as less sailorish but all the more sissyish ... *LOL* ... who cares, I am a sissy girl and love ruffles and lace ...

O.K.  lets start with the petticoat:

I made it a five layer petti from white tulle with blue trimmings. The waist band is made from white satin with 6 elastics ... I love the corset-like restricting tightness ...

The dress itself is made from white duchesse satin. The ruffles are made from royal blue satin and as you can see, over the puffy sleeves I put a layer of blue lace.

I simply love this dress ... sooooo cute and sissy ... *giggles*

I made the front neckline very, very low cut and covered tze cleavage with a thin layer of blue net so I am properly covered but nothing is kept hidden ... *LOL*

Additionally I made a fully ruffled choker ... :)))

Hope you like ... *giggles*

Your seamstress sissy katrin

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Stunning dress. That blue actually matches my eyes. Amazing always! 
@ Shy_lil_one
  .... so it matches your eyes ... do you want to say it suits you better than me? ... *giggles* ... 
Thanks for the compliment ...  
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