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I love my petticoats - they make me feel girly and sissy
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Hi girls,

so what about petticoats? Don't you like the swishy feeling, don't you like the rustle and the electifying feeling when the stiff fabric touches your nylon clad legs with every move you make ... ? I love it and so I make a new petticoat with every new dress I make ... I love color coordination.
  The baby blue one has 6 layers of net and looks almost tutu-like ... 

Or what about the yellow one I am wearing under the dress "Yellow Rose":
 Only 4 layers of net but still looks very fluffy and swishy.

As I said, I have more than just a few ...
The most full one with 7 layers - I can't handle more than that on my little home sewing machine - is the "Ultimate"

So what about you? Who else likes wearing petticoats? As for me, I am always glad to locked safely in a chastity belt as otherwise I would have many accidents in my panties ... *blushes*

Thanks for reading sissy girls. Stay tuned, there's more sissy stuff to post soon ... 

*sissy huggies*

Katrin The Sissy
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Sissy Miss Crissy
 Hi  Katrin! I'm pleased to say  that I ADORE petticoats too-the fluffier, swishier, and frilliest the  better! You certainly  project an image of. sweet  femininity!  
My messy diapers always remind me of my humiliating effeminate helplessness and infantile submissive weakness making me feel utterly emasculated and oh so girly! Sissy Miss Crissy 
@ Sissy Miss Crissy
  Thank you so much crissy ... :))
I adore petticoats!!!

They completely change the look of a dress and can take a Crossdresser and make them look the part of a sissy in a split second!!!

I wish I had you talent to be able to make my own Pettis and dresses!!!  
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