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Growing up I was the only male in the house. I  lived with my  mom, 2 aunts, my sister,2 cousins and my mom's  best friend. They are all beautiful women except my mom's  friend( she was a little chubby and Homly) once I hit puberty I had a field day with all the panties and lingerie and clothes shoes makeup wigs sex toys even their feminine products( maxi pads and tampons) . Now people that get high could really relate to this. But when your high on coke or speed it makes you extremely  horny and when I was 14 yrs. Old I discovered this. I didn't even want to get high with my friends. I just wanted to go home and take as much lingerie and clothes etc. Etc. That turned me on. My favorite was to get panties straight  out of the hamper. Hopefully they we're still warm off of one of my relatives.  All the women in my house like to drink especially  my younger aunt and my older cousin. They really liked to party. I would always get at least panties and a bra from all of them. I loved to change into different outfits and once I was in my room I didn't like to leave because once I had makeup on I would be scared of getting caught. Even though secretly I always wanted too. One night I was so incredibly  high and my aunt came home really drunk and I wanted to wear the panties bra open bottom girdle and stockings and shoes she was wearing that night. Also I wanted her huge 10 inch dildo. I was already wearing  my mom's panties and bra with garters and stockings with a couple of used maxi pads a wig and makeup. But all I could think about was that open bottom girdle and that dildo. My excitement  was driving me nuts so I finally snuck out if my room everyone was home but they we're all sleeping.  I made it to my aunts room and when I unlocked her door there was everything I wanted laying on her dresser. I looked over at her and she was naked except for the dildo I wanted laying next to her. I took her  lingerie and I went to her bed and her arm was on top of the dildo. I was stuck starring at her huge breasts and beautiful pussy. I was scared to move her hand so I went back in my room and changed into her lingerie. About a half hour later I snuck back in and finally  the dildo was free of her grasp.  I grabbed  it and immediately  started licking and sucking her juices from it. I seen the lube on her nightstand so I lubed it and myself up right there and I stuffed that beauty right inside me and pulled the panties back up to keep it inside. Now she was so drunk that she was snoring.  I started thinking I wasted to touch her tits and pussy. I felt her breasts a little and she didn't move. I got more bolder and touched her pussy it was so wet. My cock was raging. I easily crawled on her bed and got up between her creamy thighs and started to lick her pussy while jerking my cock. A soft moan escaped her lips I almost shit myself. But I kept at it. Finally I got up and stood beside her on the bed and shit my load all over her pussy and thighs. Then I ran out of there. A few months later I was up getting high as usual and she was drunk again sleeping. I we t in her room naked and started getting dressed right there in her room. I was getting bolder and bolder. I was coming out of her bathroom wearing her panties bra and thigh high stockings with some of her maxi pads in my hand when she sat up on her bed. I was like a deer in the headlights. She got up and stopped me from running out the room. The only thing I could think of to say was I'm sorry. I'm high and I can't help myself. She just looked at me and smiled. And said you think I don't know  what you been up to all these yrs. I said what are you talking about. She said I know that you wear all our lingerie and mom and my older cousin knew too. I said why haven't you said anything. She said mom told us to leave you alone that you weren't hurting anyone and she didn't want to embarrass you. But I know your getting high now and I thought maybe you would like to get  high with me and we could have some fun. I couldn't believe my ears. She said I know how horny you must be because coke gets me that way too. And you must be crazy horny to sneak in my room and dress up right here while I'm sleeping. She looks down at her panties that I'm wearing and my cock bulging in them. She asks me what are the maxi pads for. I tell her it turns me on more makes me feel more feminine plus I try not to leak cum on your panties. She says to me where do you want to go your room or stay in here. I tell her l ed ts stay in your room just let me go get some stuff and grab my coke. She says OK hurry back.. I come back in and she asks me to tell her how it started and everything. So she pours us a couple of drinks and I cut a bunch of lines and we start talking. She asks me if I want to be a woman for real and I tell her sometimes I want to so bad. But I know I w I ain't passable. She asks if I ever been with a man I tell her no I'm not attracted to men but I am attracted to transexuals. I've had sex with a few transexual hookers and yes I have sucked their cocks and been fucked in my ass. She says that is sooooo hot. What would you like me to do. I ask her to show me how to do makeup properly and would she go shopping with me and role play with me. She asks me what kind of role play and I tell her I would want her to catch me like she did tonight and force me to dress as a girl and I want her to fuck me with a strap on. Make me her slave. I ask her how many of the  family members you think might be into this. Do you think my mom would?  She says that she will find out and let me know.  In the meantime let's fix your makeup and dress you up really slutty.  I tell her that I've always wanted to have sex with her that she is so beautiful. She pulls my panties down and starts sucki g my cock. I can't believe my aunt is sucking me right now. I can't hold back and I cum all in her mouth and she tells  me to open my mouth and spits my cum in my mouth and tells me to swallow. Now come lick my pussy  she says. I go down on her and she says you like your aunties pussy. I love it u say.  I've actually tasted it and cum in it before when you we're drunk one night. She smiles and says that I'm a dirty. Little slut that's gonna get punished for that. She ties me to her bed and gaggs me. She picks up the phone and starts talking to someone. I start getting nervous. As I'm tied to the bed she starts taking pics and video if me. Her phone rings and she goes  downstairs when she comes back up she is with one if her boyfriends.  She says to me for being so naughty she is gonna teach me a lesson and I'm gonna find out what it's  like to suck a real cock. So he gets undressed and pulls out this huge cock. She takes off my gag and he starts to face fuck me while I'm still tied to the bed. I'm gagging and choking with tears coming down my face but at the same time I'm so turned on. While I'm ducking him she is sucking me. I came so hard and so did he. I had cum all over my face. Then my aunt tells me I'm ready to get fucked. She untied my legs and pulls them up over my head  and lubes up my ass. He starts to fuck me and I start moaning like a proper little slut. My sun ty then says that she is gonna make me into a who're slut as nd she us gonna make some money off my ass. To be cont.
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