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my xdress stories over the past.
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Ive been obsessed with panties since I was 12 yrs old. Ive bought and stolen unbelievable amounts over the yrs. Of course it always starts with mom or sisters or aunties. I used to stay home from school just to wear panties and cum like crazy. I dont know how I never got caught. I think that they knew but were afraid to cofront me. Today im just as obsessed as ever. I live with my aunt. She lived with us when I was young too, I was always attracted to her. She has huge tits. As im writing this im wearing her panties with 4 maxi pads and her bra garter and stockings with one of her dildos up my ass. I just peed all in the panties the pads are soaked. I think she knows about me because all she always talks about is crossdressing. I would love for her to dress me and make me do things. Ive stolen every goid pair of panties she owns with a couple of bras and garters and stockings. And I love that I dint have to buy maxi pads. I use hers. Im about to go steal some more maxi pads right now. Ill take at least 8.. I remember when I was young I was in my room high as a kite wearing my moms lingerie and my aunt came home totally wasted and went to bed. I wanted some of her stuff and especially her 12 inch dildo. So I snuck in her room and there I was.standing in front of my aunt wearing panties pads bra garter stockings and a slip. She was on the bed in her panties and I could see that she had her period. Her tits were hanging out so I went to lick her nipples, she started moaning a little. I took her hand and put it on my panty covered cock. Mmmmmmm it felt good. I took my cock and brushed her lips. Then I took off her panties and took her maxi pad out and put it in my panties. It was still wet and warm.. it felt great.. even though she had her period I still licked her pussy.. it tasted awesome. She started to moan.. I went crazy, I pulled out my cock and slowly put it in her pussy.. oh my god... I almost came right there. I stroked a few times and pulled out and came all over her pussy.. then I went down a licked it all up. All the women in my family are hot. I wanted to have sex with all of them. Especially my mom.. she is beautiful. I always thought about drugging her and having my way. I want to stick my cock in my moms pussy and cum in her..
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