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Well i moved out of my aunts house.  I'm gonna miss wearing her panties bras lingerie makeup and clothes.  The night before i left she was passed out and i went into her room and i took her panties off her. She was wearing a soaked maxi pad t too. I put on her panties and pad them i went in her drawer and put on her sexiest bra and garters with stockings and a full length slip got my wig and used her makeup.  I then took out her strap on and put it on her.  In tied her to the bed because if she woke up i still would do whatever i wanted.   I made my ass nice and wet pulled my pad and panties to the side and slid right on that 10 inch strap on.  Once i was all the way on,  i started sucking on her huge tits. I love her tits.  I was riding Thai huge dildo as if my life depended on it.  She stayed to wake up.  She opened her eyes to see me on top of her, her dildo up my ass wearing her lingerie with list in my eyes.  She went to speak and that's when i stick my tounge down jet throat and said shhhhhhhhh. As i was about to cum i popped my cock in her mouth and came all over her face and tits.  Then i licked it all of her.  She said she had to pee so i made her pure all over her pad and panties i was wearing.  Her maxi pad was so soaked.  When i closed my legs or was leaking all down my legs.  Then she took her maxi pad or of the panties i was wearing and stuffed it in my mouth.  It was like the nectar of the gods. I told he her i wanted to fuck her ass.  I stuck my cock in her ass and came in there kept my cock in there and peed in her ass.  Then she say on my face and I swallowed all my cum and pee out of her ass.  I told her she wasn't gonna get any more sleep tonight.  We wete gonna suckand fuck and pee on each other all night long.  She just smiled and said absolutely. . I wanted her pussy next so i took the dildo and put it in her ass while i fucked her pussy.  She was cumming in puddles.  Ib told her to call over the two neighbors flo and Sandy.  All the of them have huge tits and i wanted them to fuck me too when they came over they were wearing sexy lingerie under there robes and both had on huge strap ons. They tired me up doggy style and fucked my face and ass for hours.  Then they laid me down and soaked me in there pee.  Then they strapped a dildo to my fave and rode my face until they soaked me in therr cum. Then they each put on a diaper and peed in that and put all three on me.  My cock was encased in there warm pee and diapers.  I was in ecstasy.  Them all the of them felt guilty that there boyfriends were missing out,  so i told them to call them up.  I wanted some real cock to if they didn't mind. The men came over and i was tired up again on all fours.  I had a cock in my mouth and ass  in a heartbeat.  It tasted and felt so good i was cumming soooooo much.  Before they all left,  Sandy and Flo each gave me a pair of panties and bra and pee soaked maxi pads.  And all the men have me condoms filed with cum.  I love warming the cum in the micro wave popping a hole in it and spreading it all over myself.  All in all,  a very fun evening. 
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