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I grew up with 7 women. When puberty hit I went crazy. I started wearing my moms and aunts and sisters and cousins panties bras and lingerie. I even started wearing theur makeup and clothes and shoes and wearing there maxi pads and tampons and using there sex toys. When I discovered drugs this heightened my I started stealing panties and lingerie from everyone and everywhere. Ive always wanted to get caught by someone.. The only one to catch me was an x girlfriend. We would get high together and I would gi in the bedroom and pur on her panties bra garter and stockings and also wear her maxi pads. One day we had to stay at my moms house and we were high and I needed panties badly. So I went into one of my sisteres room and put on her sexiest panties and bra with a couple of maxi pads. I went back to bed and as soon as I walked in my girl pulled my sweats down and seen what I was wearing and she said I knew you were wearing my panties and lingerie but whose are those. So I came clean and told her everything. She told me from now on you will do as I say or I will tell everyone. I said yes. When we went home she gave me some old lingerie she didnt want and told me not to wear hers anymore. Of course I didnt listen. Her warm panties off her wet pussy were the best. She told me that we were going to ho shopping. I was excited. What she didnt tell me was that I would be shopping fully dressed. She got me in the shower and shaved all my hair then she put me in a matching bra and panties with garters and stockings. Also let me add that she painted my ties and nails. Then she did my makeup. Then she took a sexy dress and put it on me with heels. She gave me a purse and said what else do ypu need. I told her I want towear some of her maxi pads. She went into yhe trash in the bathroom and took out 2 used pads. They were stayfree super maxis. I loved them I felt so gurly. So we went shopping we bought all kinds of panties and bras and lingerie. We bought fake breasts all kinds of wigs dressed skirts and blouses and boits and heels and makeup. We bought tampons and maxi pads and sextoys. When we got home she put on a huge strapon and said that I was gonna learn to suck cock and get fucked. I was so excited. She made me kneel in front of her and start sucking. I was gagging.. she loved every minute. Finally she lubed me up good and inserted that huge toy in me. It was the greatest experience of my life. I couldnt get enough. I was a total slut. Whenever I was home I had to be fully dressed. One day she went out and said she would be gone all day. Her parents lived upstairs with her grandmother and they were gone too for the day. I started getting high snd getting horny. I ran upstairs and went into her mother's and grandmas panty drawer. Believe it or not grandma was the one with the sexy stuff. I opened her drawer and there were full satin panties ,bras, garters, stockings, girdles, corsets, bustiesrs, slips all vintage.. I fell in love with vintage because of my mom and aunt. So I took a pair of panties and bra an open bottom girdle with 8 garters and a pair of ff stockings with a full length slip. I took some panties bras and lingerie from her mom too. I also found her moms sextoys.  Took one of her vibrators. I got fressed in grandmas stuff and put the vibrator up my pussy. It fely so good I came all in her moms panty drawer all over everything.. then I did the same to grandma. I was still upstairs playing when my girl came home and came upstairs and caught me red handed. She was pissed when she seen her moms toy in my pussy and all the cum all over her moms and grandmas clothes. She said she was gonna teach me a lesson. We went downstairs and she tied me up in yhe bed still wearing her grandmas lingerie. She took her maxi pad out of her panties and stuffed it in my mouth. She put a butt plug in my pussy. I heard her go up stairs and her family was home and she stayed up there a while. Sounded like they were having fun. Next thing I know the door opens and there stood my gf her mom and grandma dressed very sexy lookng at me and calling me a little sissy. They said that they would make sure that I will obey them at all times. Grandma came over and pulled out the maxi pad from my mouth and lowered her panty covered pussy to my lips and told me to start licking. Her mom put on a strap on my gf did also and they took turns fucling me. I came so many times. My gf told me that I would never fuck her again and that they were gonna pimp me out. The next day she called her girlfriends and told them to bring dates. Her mom came with her friends and grandma too. I had to service alk of them even yhe men. I yhought I would gross out sucking a cock but it was awesome feeling a real cock griw in my mouth and cum.  They turned me into a real cock slut. My gf started advertising in sex mags with escorts. Next thing I lnow im a cd hooker. 
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