XXX fun with the neighbors and my aunt
best night ever
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Last night and all day today has been the best ever. I was laying in bed last night wearing my aunts black nylon panties with 2 always long supreme maxi pads that i also took from my aunt. I was wearing her black silk and lace bra size 42ddd with water balloons to fill them up nicely. I had her black waist cincher on with her black silk half slip and black thigh high stockings. I had my black 6 inch heels on with a long black wig and my face fully made up. I had my aunts 8 inch vibrator stuffed up my bum with her panties pulled up over it so it will stay in place.  I was watching porn and feeling really nice because i was high as a kite also. My aunt was really drunk and high tooand she came into my room and surprised me. She said well dont we look all pretty. I just looked at her and smiled. Then she said you wouldnt happen to know where my favorite vibrator is would you. Then she said let me guess. You got it stuffed in that pantied ass of yours. I just smiled again. She said you look real sexy in my lingerie. I told her to come lay down with me. So she laid next to me and started rubbing my pad and pantied cock,and said are you wearing my maxi pads too. I said it makes me feel sosissy. My cock was starting to grow from her rubbing it. I told her why dont you get undressed and get more comfortable.  She stood up and started undressing. She was wearing a black and red open bottom girdle with black silk panties and black stockings with red lace tops. I felt lije i was gonna explode right there. I pulled her vibrator out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth and started swallowing  it. She said i was a nasty little sissy. I said yes i am and i need to be punished. She said i got something just for that. She went into her room and when she came back she was wearing the biggest strapon i ever seen in my life. I jumped up and immediately  got on my knees and started swsllowing it making it nice and wet. Then she told me to lay down again. So i laid down and she took my maxi pads out of my panties and stuck them to my face and she straddled my face a started peeing all iver me, soaking those pads and my face. When she stopped  she told me to put those dirty pads back in my panties.  The wet warmth  felt soooooo good cradling  my balls and cock. Then she told me to get on my hands and knees. She started lubricanting my ass. I was begging her to fuck me. Please fuck me.. she inserted the tip of that huge cock in my ass and i was in heaven. Little by little she got it all th way in. All 12 inches of it. And she started pounding away. I was leaking cum lije crazy. I was pleading with her not to stop. Fuck me harder im such a fucking little  panty sissy slut. I was cumming lije crazy in her panties. After about an hour of this she told me y hat she wanted to get fucked but not by my little clitty. So she called  our next door neighbor  over this huge black guy. And she told me that i was gonna suck his cock and when i got it nice and hard and wet he would fuck her and cum in her pussy and then i was to eat hus cum out of her pussy. Of course i agreed. No one is a bigger slut than i am. He told her let me get my son over here for some fun too. She said the more the merrier. So his son came over and the four of us went at it all night. Between him and his son they both came 5x each and i swallowed all of there cum weather it was straight from there cocks or out of my aunts pussy. I had one cock in my mouth one in my ass and my aunt sucking my cock. T was the greatest experience  of my life. When morning came i told them i wanted them to cum on my face and then pee all over my whole body before they leave. And thats exactly what happened. What a night.....
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