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Finally starting my blog here!
Thanks to Katrin The Sissy for helping me figure out HOW on this site!

So I have considered myself "straight" for many years.
A few years ago, in my search through internet porn, I discovered sissy cartoons.

These to be exact.
I found myself really turned on.
Not just by the dresses but having other sissies suck & fuck each other.

After many years of going back & forth on it, I decided I would be willing to jerk & suck the sissy "toy" of another sissy girl like me.
But I am extremely picky as to who & what they look like.
Back in the state I moved from 2 years ago, I found 1.
They were on a sissy dating / hook up site but deleted it after I messaged them.

So I check (ugh) Craig's List occasionally in the "casual encounters" section under TforT
I find the usual "bra & panty" wearer all the time.
Never a full all out dressed up & make up like myself.

Then, I saw a post.
It was asking about some event at a club in downtown Portland.

This event to be exact:

I ALMOST went last month (June event).
However, I met a girl a month ago.
We have been talking back & forth for almost a month at the time trying to arrange a 1st date.
Wasn't sure if she was a flake of just really THAT busy.

So I made a mental ultimatum...
If an actual date was set before the event, I wouldn't go.
That tuesday, we set a date for the thursday after the event.
Date went extremely well!!!
Trying to arrange a 2nd date.

So, I am setting the same mental ultimatum for myself.
I have till before July 19th to set a 2nd date with her.

So, this is not your ordinary meet a girl situation.
I met her all dressed up at a Masquerade Ball in May.
Our conversations hit all topics!
I asked her out immediately & she said yes.
Our conversations on the date further detailed stuff.
Our similar interests & differences.
Simply put, if an actual 2nd date happens, there would really be no reason to doubt it would be a lasting relationship.

as for my own mental ultimatums...
That's just who I am.
Making that 1st step so many years ago dressing in public was HUGE!
Now, possibly going to sex club to hook up with another sissy, that's another BIG shift.

We will see what happens.

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what a cute picture ... and keep gong with your blog ... :)))
I love your pic i found my self loveing shemale sex then i told my wife i wanted to dress up 
Dani Smith
@ Smcock
You are sexy gurl, could we be friends?
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