All XXX I'm making vids this year
I need outfit & topic suggestions for my vids.
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I'm still learning this site.
So I figured out I should probably post & ask this in my blog.
I'm planning on making at least 1 video month in 2018.

Hopefully more than that. 
I have a huge closet of clothes to show (and take) off.
What outfit do you want to see me in 1st? 
  • costume
  • sissy
  • slutty
  • pvc
  • elegant
  • classy
  • casual
What do you want to see me do? 
  • just walk around
  • strip
  • sexual acts
I don't plan on making talking vids.
Maybe I will.

If you make a GOOD suggestion, (suggest an an outfit and suggest a few specific things)
and I REALLY like that suggestion, I might make a special video for who ever made it.  
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Sarah Marina
Hi Jessica!

  Love your photo and how much detail you put into your questions.
  It's difficult to get suggestions that you haven't already thought of in this forum. Not only is it difficult to think clearly while looking at the content, it's often the point - LOL

  I won't choose your character, but I would love to see you act out/mime, on video, any Disney story scene where you play the princess.


Baby Puss
I can't really explain to specific, but sissy baby/toddler outfits, with thick diapers and plastic panties always is nice. Frilly baby panties are always nice to see.   
regardless of your decision, that isa  lovely dress dear. 
just post such and I will be happy :) hugs 
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