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Cummy sleepover fun
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Hey gurls! Jessica Barbie hurr <3

I've had this fantasy....Myself, and some of my close young gurl friends (Tiffany, Sarah, Sophie) are having a sleepover! Doing all the normal things gurls do at a sleep over party....dressing up in colorful panties and slutty outfits, pillow fights, playign with barbie and stuffies, sucking eachothers sissy clit cocks :)

I'm in the babies rooms, in the crib all dolled up like a young gurl hehehe. Tiffany is poking her lil sissy cock through the crip lil lollopop :)

Sucking cock tastes sooo good when u have candy lip gloss hehe.

Sarah is putting a candy lollipop in tiffany's pussy ass and I lick her cocky :)

Sophie is crawlign around on all fours...butt plug with a tail cumming out of her lil pussy ass, ball gag in her mouth....she's desperately trying to help me!!!!! I'm locked in the crib...If she doesn't cum save me soon I'm gona choke on Tiff's precum for sure....
Text me: 250 516 6849

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