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A visit to the Dentist
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I entered into the waiting room of the dentist office, after rushing over from work.  The receptionist greeted me with a smile.

"Henry I presume?" 

"Yes" I huffed exhausted from the run. 

"We were just about to lock the door. It is a good thing you made it on time.  If you could just fill out this form with your information I will take you back right away so we can all go home before it gets too late."  

I hastily signed the forms and followed as she led me to the dental exam room.  

The office was a clean white modern office with a few tasteful bright coloured accents.  As we walked past the other rooms it was much the same except the chairs which were all bright colours.  

"Here we are Henry.  Is there anything else I can get you?"  she asked as she ushered me into the room.

"You know, a glass of water would be great. I am pretty thirsty after that run."

"Sure right away, Dr. Adams will be with you in a few minutes and I will be right back with that glass of water.  In the mean time take a seat."  she motion towards the purple coloured dental chair in the middle of the room.

I took a seat on the pearlescent PVC covered chair.  It seemed a bit odd as I had never seen one like in a dentist office before. As I sat there and waited the smell of the PVC and the sound it made was surprisingly enjoyable.  I was enjoying it so much I didn't even notice the receptionist return with a cup of water. 

"Sorry to startle you.  I see you are enjoying our new chairs.  They were a custom made chair just for us and you are one of the first patients to experience them. I hope you find it enjoyable."

"uh- yes" I stammered unsure how to respond " They are quite nice"

No sooner had she passed me the water than I had down the entire glass.  "Allow me to get you another glass" She filled it up again and passed it back.  "Dr. Adams is just finishing with another patient and will be with you any moment.  In the meantime enjoy the chair, I put on some music while you wait.
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