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So Halloween is almost upon us, a mere 11 days away to be exact
and I can't help wishing that I lived in the big city, instead of a small town.
However, I find it interesting that the majority of parties, celebrations and all around get-togethers for this yearly custom occur primarily in much larger cities where the population is denser. The flip-side to this is that most famous horror stories, movies and even Halloween Specials depict some fantastical or gruesome event happening where else-- in a small town, lol.

Well,  I'd hate to disappoint any horror enthusiasts, but  being in a small town is actually quite boring. I suppose that mystical, fantastical, and ideal Halloween night will forever remain in someone's head or the pages of a sinister Stephen King novel.
Not that there's anything wrong with that, some if not all of those "boogeymen" should really stay in those story books!

I also understand the tendency is to idolize, for one night only,  a brooding monster or a member of the undead but I'm really glad to see the Princesses and fairy girls come out to play as well... just be sure they don't go anywhere near the Freddy Kruger's and Pinhead's . Seriously, little ones need to be protected out there :) 

Outside of dressing up, I've always enjoyed the Haunted House aspect to Halloween, which again brings me to the dilemma of living in a small town.
This is where all the scary stuff is supposed to happen but it seems that city folk, always get more candy, play more games and simply have more fun being scared than us "townies."

But you know something, I'm okay with that. I'm older now, my imagination
is on a  substantially shorter leash (I also bought myself a better night-light :) )
I have to remind myself that I no longer live in a world of VCRS and rental stores with dedicated horror sections and moreover, the best scary stories have already been told. Which brings me to the point of this blog. This is it for me.

Next year will mark my 30th birthday and I intend to pull the plug on Halloween once and for all. Halloween isn't mystical or frightening or fun anymore... even if part of me wishes it were to the bitter end. I had my fun though, ate more than my share of treats, played more than my share of tricks and learned that people in horror movies are some of the dumbest folk in the world, lol

I mean, would you seriously climb two flights of stairs just to see who made that blood-curdling scream? Yeah, me neither... I would be much too busy making a very large puddle in my Pampers! *giggles*

Happy Halloween Everybody!
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