Introduction to my little self and my admission that im a little sissy want to be =)
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Hello gurls.

I thought id write this little introduction after an interesting turn of events today. Im a 30 year old guy whose cross dressed  in private but ive always wanted to go further but i haven't really ever had the nerve. I realize that im probably a little old now to pass as a real gurl but i am average looking for a guy (even if i do so myself) and I often get a surprised reaction when people learn my age as they think im younger (so i guess that works in my favor also) =) On top of that I have a slim athletic build and look good in panties (again if i do say so myself ;)).

I have never really thought of myself as gay but i have often fantasized about being a girl and wondered how good it would feel to be dominated by a strong guy and to be totally submissive to him.

Recently i have found myself reading more and more articles about other peoples journeys into CD,TV and becoming a sissy and there experiences in their journey. I then used these to a broaden my own experiences and try new things.

Some of the things i have opted to do so far are shaving or trimming my face and body hair (I really don't like any of my body hair), wearing panties more often ( still need to look into getting more clothing) and abstaining from masturbating like a boy and only allowing myself to rub my little clittie ;) Finally ive begun talking to boys on a dating website I use. I did so as myself at first and found it hard to be the submissive sissy I had fantasies of being. however as time has gone buy i have posed as a CD on a few occasions and had steamy conversations with two guys now =) The second one had a webcam and as I slowly described how i would give him a blow job I  watched him stoke his cock faster and faster as I reached the climax of the conversation. Needles to say that by the end he was very satisfied =) the second of these was tonight and while I found the experience very arousing I was also a little embarrassed that i was so turned on... The weird thing is i would have loved to have really had his cock im my mouth and im kinda looking forward to the next time =) 

Anyway this was only ment to be a quick intro so i will stop writing soon. I Do hope ive not bored any of you and I would love to hear from some of you gurls on ways to become more feminine, how to dress and of course make up which is something ive been very curious about but also petrified! =s I would also be interesed in meeting up with some gurls if they were close by (UK, Northeast).  Well pretties I shall love you and leave you now, stay beautiful ;)

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