PG 13 what is inside of your Dresser?
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     *take all of your undies, boxers, briefs.. replace them with Panties or Diapers  you secretly wear, so when you do open the dresser you can be reminded of what you enjoy doing but now on a different schedule, Girls don't wear Panties when they choose too~ they wear them all dayyy, everyday, every minute an hour just like a Baby has to wear a Diaper... so why should we have the option of wearing what we want too when we choose... if you are a little gurl or enjoy being pampered then try going 1 week before quickly digging out your old underwear you tossed out*   
    *For me on the other-hand I am not sure which I enjoy more between Diapers an Panties....... sooo I Must have both inside my dresser? or am I suppose to wear them together?   I could be a Baby all week long but to wear a Diaper and Panties over that.... omg  hehe* <3     
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