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The coming and going of 'Lucy'
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This is my story. A story of my life both male and as my female persona.

from a young age I have always liked the way womens cloths felt against my skin, I remember constantly raiding my sisters and mothers closets for items of clothes that I would secretly put on, transforming myself into Lucy...

(Lucy) my female persona became a huge part of my life as a teen. Through the various girlfriends I would obtain items of clothes. Tops, skirts and such basicly anything that they left over at my house when they stayed over. Surely enough over time I had collected a vast amount of garmets or all types and varieties. That became my 'secret stash'. Hidden under my bed. Everynight I would lock my door and dress up. Change into lucy for just that night. It was a moment of pure happiness. 

but the happiness was short lived. My father (for all the good natured person he is) has always been jugdemental when it comes to the cd ts tv scene. And after he got a well needed promotion at work he had the brilliant idea of refurbishing the whole house. It was at this time he cought me out after finding my secret stash of panties, bras, pantyhose and various other garments. Confused he began questioning me asking me if I was gay. To which I answered the only thing I could since at that time I just wanted it all hush hush. I was humiliated. And to add even more insult to the mix, soon after he sent me off to military camp for a year. The one place a en fem man like me does not want to be. No privacy and complete macho bullshit 24/7. It was my living hell.

luckly for me I turned 18 soon after, and so I packed my bags and left Military school and the family home. I went to uni where I rented a room in a student house. LUCY WAS BACK YAY!!!. For the months to come I began ordering cloths off the internet sending they to my student accommodation. And soon enough my stash had returned. Lingerie, jeans, skirts, tops, etc etc I had it all. My closet was  that of a woman not a man. Everyday I wore panties to uni and work. It was bliss. 

After uni I moved into my own home a little bedsit.  I had ever found a partner that accepted lucy as being a part of me. Or so I thought. As it turned out she hated it. Hated me. She just put up with it since I had (in her words exactly) better and more expensive clothes that she could take when ever she wanted. In the end I told her to go *cough* herself, threw all of my clothes in her face and tell her to take them.

since then. And up to pressent day lucy has evaded me. Although the yurning is still there. The desire to feel 'complete' once more. But im stuck. My current gf is anti gay tg cd etc. And I live in a place where being en fem is shund upon and even attacked. 

But I know that lucy is a part of me and nothing will change that, I just have to wait until she can once again make an apperance.

XOXO David/Lucy
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