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hi everyone. i have a friend . that has a sissykiss account but dose not want it ant more so we have been trying every thing see were to go were too Delete Your Account but with no  luck can some plzz help us out? we have tried to contact  them but with no luck every time try  we that they want you to put a pic with it and we put a pic with it and email fails  to send it like they don't want you to contact them or something
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Baby Butch
  Hello, click on Contact on the bottom of the Menu. When it opens fill in the blanks. You must identify the 3 pictures and then click on Send. It may take a few days for a response. No attachments are needed. Hate to see you go!
@ Baby Butch
  Hello, I know this is an old thread so just replying twice.  My apologies.  Please delete my account as well.  I just sent an email through the site.  I was unable to find a way to do it on my own.  Sorry for the trouble and thank you very much for your help with this.
~*Christie Luv*~
 Hi hun! I'm so sorry for that delay! I did find an email that was buried when a bunch of other emails came in that asked to deactivate their account. It's all done!

I want people to also know if they just want to stay in the closet at the moment they can ask me to change their member name, and any personal info.

Also if someone turned on the option to have emails sent to them, and don't know how to undo that, they can undo it by going to Settings -> Email & Subscription Settings.
@ ~*Christie Luv*~
  Hello!  Please delete me account as well.  I just sent an email through the site.  I tried to do it myself but haven't been able to find a way.  Thank you for your help with this
ok thank you all 
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