PG All I see is pink
A story about a pink girl and me in my class and how a dream came true.
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All I see is pink

Since being a young boy I always seem to come back to pink, it is my color. I would wear it, stare at it and girls would always say it was my color.


I was very talkative in lesson so one week my teacher moved me, she put me next to Kera! She was blond beautiful, perfect make up and always wore pink. Every lesson she would slip into conversation that pink was my color. We talked all the time and became close and we always ended up talking about girlie things like her hair or her nails or make up. I was not a very effeminate boy and always tried to act like a lad but she had an effect on me. 


One day in lesson the teacher went out and she told me she got a present for me, she gave me and small box wrapped in blue tissue paper and a pink bow. Inside was a baby pink nail polish bottle. She told me I had no choice but to let her paint my nails so I did! It was the best feeling ever. All the girls in my class watched and told me how much it suited me. I was so happy, the lads picked on my and I passed it off as a dare!


The next day Kera invited me to her house, I jumped for joy! I got there and was greeted by a massive house with a long sloping drive and flowers everywhere! She let me in and we went to her room! A white room with pink everything. It was my heaven, she sat me down at her make up table and told me that she had been dieing to do my make up and the time was now! I protested but she said "look beautiful no one is here just me and you and you will be the cutest I know it", I submitted. She pulled out a passive bag of all pink brushes and bottles and pallets. She started with foundation and expertly applied it. She then out bronzer on my face to give my high cheek bones and a thin nose then got the pinkest blusher out and started to apply it. I tried to move away but she held me and said " you can not leave it half done or else" so I obeyed. She moved on to my eyes and did my mascara which gave me the longest eye lashes I had ever seen. Finally my lips she got out pink lip gloss and put it all over my lips.  She stood back and said “wow you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen". Looking at my reflection I was too scared to react because what I saw before me was the face of the girlyest girl. I loved it! She crouched next to me and told me to pout and we took a selfie. “I have a lot more planed for you" she whispered taking me by the hand into the biggest room of pink dresses I could have ever dreamed of...


More to come! ;)

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