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 Hi everyone,

For a long time the idea of men becoming sissies, especially diapered baby sissies has been a secret interest of mine, something that I have never had much of a chance to explore other than through online stories, pics and videos. Now that I have come to a point in my life where I have more freedom to explore some of the more secret parts of my life I have decided this is one of the things I definitely want to try.

In my regular life I consider myself male, mostly straight although I am a bit bi-curious.  I have never really had any major questions about my gender. That being said I there are some feminine things I have always enjoyed foremost among them is my love of panties. Whether it is seeing people wearing them, playing with them, or especially wearing them myself I just love them. I have also played around with cross-dressing as well (although when at home with no one around).

Another fetish of mine is adults in diapers, particularly girls, and transgendered men. I also like to wear them when I have the chance although not full time.

There are two main parts to my personality. My everyday male side witch is what I am most of the dime, and my sissy baby girl side that I have kept locked in the closet for most of my life.

My male side is very easy going I get along with most people quite easily. The only really sissy part of me when I'm this way is that I wear panties whenever I can. About the only time I don't is when I am going to be in situations where people are going to see my underwear, such as at the doctor or in a locker-room. Even then I will usually wear ones that look more unisex.

The part of me that I'm looking to explore here is my sissy baby side that I have kept locked up for so long. I will admit that side of me scares me a bit, because when I let it out I have almost no impulse control in the things I'm willing to do. When I am a sissy baby I crave being dominated and humiliated by women and with the poor impulse control that I have when I am in that head space I just know it is going to lead me into trouble.

That being said I am eager to begin exploring my sissy side at least in private and online for now, and I look forward to meeting people who can give me advice and support in my journey. I also hope that I get a chance to make friends with many great people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.
Love and kisses boboboy ❤💋 
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That is very sweet and heartfelt of you to share bobo. Please have a Dollie to confide in. Pick any one of them and she is yours. Dollies are great to  have because they love to play, dressup and keep your secrets safe never telling anyone what they are. 
 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
@ dolliesissy
 Thank you for the sweet comment I was so nervous posting this about myself and getting such a nice one so quickly is definitely going to help boost my confidence. 
Love and kisses boboboy ❤💋 
@ Boboboy
  Hiya Boboboy! So nice to meet you.  Very happy to hear that you are exploring your sissy nature - and not limiting it to one style either. I'm very much the same and enjoy going between being a sissy baby, an adult little girl and a grown up girl too. The best thing I can say is be free in what you want to try - only then will you find your path, especially on the domination side of things - you may just surprise yourself.
     No need to be nervous on here - although it's just common sense that anybody is. My heart was going off like a jackhammer the first time I posted online (especially pictures) but my confidence grew in leaps and bounds and now I'm a right little sissy show off! (lol).
   Be free - be who you were born to be and have a wonderful life doing it.
       Big hugs.
    MU-WAH!!! luv and hugs from Kay Kandyfloss   xxx
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