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Bobby makes a friend who will lead him into feminization
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He felt like he would give anything to be popular. 

Bobby's first day of high school in the new town, he sat alone and watched the popular kids laughing. 

His parents had moved eight times in the last four years and even though he was eighteen he was still a sophomore.
Luckily he was so skinny and slight that he looked fifteen. Otherwise he would have stuck out. 

He didn't want to stick out. He wanted to fit in. 

Which is why he was almost speechless when Derek, a drop-dead handsome jock, noticed him. 

"Hey, you're new, huh?"

"Um... yeah..."

"That's cool. I like you. Hey, how about you come over to my house after school?" Derek said. 

"I like you and I want to help you fit in," he went on. "But right now , look at you. You do know your hair looks like a pile of shit, and your clothes make you look retarded, right?"

After school Derek came up and grabbed Bobby by the nape of his neck and shoved Bobby into his car. 

"You're a really cute boy, Bobby. Tell you what, I want to be your best friend, okay?"

Bobby felt thrilled. At last he was going to belong!

When they got to Derek's house he said "I think you need a different hair color."

"It kind of makes you look like a fucking moron to wear your hair like that," Derek said.  "But if you do what I tell you everyone will think you're cool."

Derek was purposefully undermining Bobby's confidence, keeping him off-balance, building him up one second and insulting him the next. 

It was making Bobby desperate to please him.  

Derek knew if he made Bobby feel really worthless he would be able to do whatever he wanted to him.

"My little sister likes to dress up. She has a bunch of wigs. I got a great idea. You wear them and we'll see how different hair colors look on you." 

"But... but... they're girls wigs..."

"Bobby, don't be a fucking moron. Sure they're girls wigs. We're just looking at the hair color. Damn, you're stupid sometimes. Good thing I like you so much."

Bobby was extremely anxious now, scared he was going to say something stupid again. 

He was so glad Derek was looking out for him. 

As as they sat in front of the mirror and Derek put wig after wig on him, Bobby noticed something. It disturbed him. He noticed that Derek had a huge erection. And that Derek's cock pulsed every time Bobby tried on a new wig. 

Finally Derek found a bright, platinum-blonde wig. He put it on Bobby. It had straight, long, beautiful, and shiny hair, with cute full bangs down to his eyes. 

Bobby was speechless. He didn't look like a fifteen-year-old boy anymore. He looked like a fifteen-year-old girl. 

And Derek's cock was so hard it looked like he was about to break the seam of his pants. 

I hope this is the one, Bobby thought. 

"That's the one," Derek said. 

Bobby was happy. But Bobby was also confused. Alarm bells were going off in his head. Something felt wrong. He wanted to get out of there but he was frozen. 

And he also felt proud. He felt proud that he was the reason Derek had such a huge erection. 

Which is is why he didn't move at all when, in the mirror, he saw Derek reach into his pants, and pull out his huge, thick cock, and start stroking it and moaning. 

Bobby couldn't look away. He saw the small slimy ooze of pre-cum dribble out of Derek's cock as he pumped it in his fist. It made the golden cock glisten and the wetness made a slurping sound as Derek's fist worked up and down his own shaft. 

Bobby thought, Derek could have any girl in school, but I'm the one  he's choosing to jack off to.

"Kneel on the floor, Bobby," Derek said. 

But that was too much. "Derek--" Bobby said, "I can't-- I'm not-- I'm not gay."

Derek slapped Bobby hard. So hard Bobby's head spun and he fell to the floor. "What did you call me?" Derek demanded. 

"Little cunt, did you just call me gay?" Derek spat. He was standing right in front of Bobby now, and his hand was sliding up and down his huge slimy cock, pounding right in front of Bobby's face. 

Bobby tried to turn his head away, but he felt Derek's other hand clamp down on his head, his fingers digging in so hard that even through the wig he held Bobby's head in place. 

"I'm jacking off because you look like my ex-girlfriend, got it?" Derek said. 

"You're the one wearing a girls wig, maybe you're the cocksucker. Maybe you want this cock shoved down your throat, Bobby."

Derek's grip got even firmer and he started to thrust his hips toward Bobby's mouth.

Bobby imagined that huge cock ramming down his throat. Suddenly he wasn't sure if he wanted that or not. He'd always thought he was straight, but the thought of that enormous cock making him gag as it pushed down his throat...

Did he want that? His mind raced. Did he? Did he?

Suddenly Derek stepped back. "Take it off, take it off," he said. His hand stopped pumping his cock. "You look like such a hot fucking slut, it's making me crazy."

After Derek said that, Bobby felt an intense desire to keep the wig on. 

"If this is how he likes me..." Bobby thought. 

Derek grabbed the blonde wig off Bobby's head and threw it to the ground, panting. 

"Okay, Bobby," he said, gasping from having beaten his meat so hard, "I decided."

"You're in. You're one of us. 
We're taking you in. You are now in the most popular group in school."

Bobby felt a rush of pride and happiness. He felt something he hadn't felt in years. 

He felt content. 

Derek quickly caught his breath. Bobby realized he was staring at Derek's half-hard cock. 

"You like it, huh?" Derek said with a smile. Derek walked over again, standing close to Bobby, and once more his slimy cock hung in Bobby's face.

Bobby could smell the pre-cum slathered all over Derek's cock. He closed his eyes and breathed deep. God. 

His mouth watered.

He instantly felt ashamed.

His mouth watered more. 

When end he opened his eyes, Derek was crouching in front of him. 

"So Bobby, if you're going to be part if my crowd, that means you're one of the jocks. You knew that, right?"


"I can get you in the popular crowd just by saying so, but i can't just make you a jock that easy. There are rules to becoming a jock. You have to prove yourself."

"You have to be hazed."

Bobby started to feel a bit of terror creeping back inside him. 


"Yes Bobby," Derek said, looking deep in his eyes, "or I can't be your friend at all."

Bobby couldn't think of anything worse. "Okay, okay," he said. 

"Good," said Derek. "Now hold still."

Derek reached down and grabbed Bobby's arm firmly, pressing his thumb into the inside of Bobby's elbow, hard. He raised Bobby's arm up, and Bobby saw what Derek had in his other hand. 

A syringe. 

"Shhhh," Derek said, reassuringly. 

Bobby looked away and closed his eyes. He felt a pinch in his arm.

"Good girl," Derek said. 

Wait, thought Bobby, what?

 He heard Derek step away, and then...

Then something wonderful began to flood up from his arm and through his body.  

He had been so scared this whole time. So anxious. Why? He felt that floating away. 

He'd been so worried about Derek liking him. Now that seemed silly too. He wasn't anything to be scared of.

Bobby rolled his eyes over to look at his friend. He wasn't scary. He was just Derek. 

Derek and and his amazing cock. 

Bobby felt something else start inside him. Something warm. 

No. Not warm. Hot.

He was staring at Derek's cock and he was feeling hornier than he'd ever felt in his life. 

But I'm straight, he wondered to himself. 

Who cares, thought back the fire inside him, when there's that incredible cock just sitting right there?

It was so slimy, still, somehow. Bobby realized Derek was stroking it again. He was moving his fingers up to the tip of his cock, wetting them with his pre-cum, and then sliding the cum down and all around the shaft. 

And Derek's cock was coming back to life. Slowly it raised, as he pumped. 

"Put the wig back on," Derek said. 

Bobby did it, quickly, trembling.

Derek's cock became fully hard, his fuck beast standing at attention. 

Bobby was going crazy. He felt wild with lust. He had to get to that cock. It was unbearable. He wanted to be sexy, he wanted to be slutty, he wanted to slink across the floor like a stripper and get to that cock. He didn't even know what he would do with it when he got there, but he had to touch it, to reach out and grab the shaft, to see a drop of pre-cum and start  to lick it...

But I'm straight, I'm straight, he thought. 

Bullshit, he thought back. No one is straight in the presence of that cock. Oh ffffuck, oh fffffuck, just look at it. 

Bobby realized that his own cock had become rock hard, his own cock was painfully straining against his pants, making a little pup tent. He noticed Derek watching him  Derek was smiling. 

Derek spoke as he pumped his cock. "Here's your hazing," he said. "and because you are so scrawny, we're gonna haze you like we haze other scrawny guys."

Something flashed across Derek's eyes, and he began pumping his cock harder and harder. He closed his eyes.

I wonder if he's imagining one of the other guys he made do this, Bobby thought. I wonder if there even were any others. 

And then he thought, I wonder how young those guys looked. His cock got harder and harder. 

"Here's.... UHHHHHHH... what you gotta do... UHHHHHH...." Derek was getting close to cumming. 

Then he said it. 

He shouted it. 


Bobby was shocked. But the drugs in his veins kept him from being scared. Instead he just got more aroused. He couldn't help it. He started picturing all those other cocks, pumping cum, straining and shooting jizz on him. 

God! God! He thought. He felt like he could cum himself. He felt like writhing, like senselessly twisting his body in ecstasy, flush with the sexual energy raging in him. 

"Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK" Derek yelled. 

Derek quickly grabbed his shaft and aimed it right at the floor. Rope after rope of thick creamy cum shot out of his monster cock. He closed his eyes and moaned. 


His cock slowed it's pulsing. It had just dumped a monster load on the floor.  Derek slowly milked out what was left. Bobby saw Derek push the last phlegmy glob out of the head of his cock. It landed, with a plop, in the goopy cum puddle. 

Derek pointed at the ground. At the pool of cum he'd just discharged on the floor. 

"Now, bitch," he said. 

Bobby could not believe how his whole body throbbed with desire to lick that slimy mess of cum off the floor. But no, no, it's so gross, he thought. It's really , really disgusting. And if I do this I'm no better than a prostitute. If I do this I'm no different from a whore. If I do it I'm just a worthless loser. I can't. I can't. I can't. 

These we were his thoughts as something electric raced through his body. These were his protests as his body started moving, as he slowly and sluttily began to slink across the floor, gyrating his hips like a cat, like a stripper, like a whore.

"Oh Derrrrrrrrrrrek," he heard himself say, in a little girl's voice. 

Then he slowly put his whole face in the sperm puddle.  And he began to take lick after lick, gulp after gulp of that terrible, disgusting, delicious, glorious cum. 

"Damn," said Derek. 

"We gotta get you some clothes."

---------------------------End PART ONE. 
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