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Dawn teaching me to be a girl
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Dawn was smiling at me, she said she did have a crush on me but now I was more like a little sister. That was ok with her since she was sure I would be around her more. We sat in the living room and she got a doll for me and told me she still liked them. She was honest and explained she still wore diapers to bed being a bedwetter. When she asked if I wanted a sleepover with her I didn't reply. ''Don't be shy or I might just call Mary and Susan to come over and see you''. I turned red and I began to mumble ''Please Dawn don't call them I will do as you ask''. Her reply startled me ''yes you will, everything I ask , if I want you
to wear a dress you will, if I want you to wet your diapers you will, in fact wet your diapers now''. I said what and she said now. What could I do, fearful of her that's what I did and she laughted at me and called me a baby. I looked up to see her mom and she called out to my mom . ''Your little sissy just wet himself''. My mom blew a cork and began to yell, ''and you want to wear panties like a big girl and you wet your diapers''. I felt sick and told her I was sorry. Karen told mom let him wear panties and if he wets them send him to school in diapers. If not let him wear panties to school. Dawn giggled and asked her mom if she could give me the pack of panties she didn't like that was sitting in her drawer. Her mom said, ''that pack I got you a few years ago, yes they should fit him''.
my aunt always told me I was too pretty to be a boy
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