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put into diapers
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When we got home I was still dressed in my little couisin's clothes and mommy made sure I was going to stay in them. She told me my aunt belived I had a panty fetish. To a 12 year old I had no idea what she was talking about. ''you want to wear pretty girls panties'' .I tried telling mom no but she did not hear me .''Just think what your friends at school will think when they see you in these''. Mom was holding up a pair of ruffled panties. I told her no she was not going to make me wear them to school .I got slapped and began to cry. When she went over to the phone and dialed then began to talk ,''Hello  Karen I need a favor can you and Dawn come over here, I got something to show you'' .My  heart dropped and I began to sob. ''No mommy please I will do anything you want, just don't let Dawn see me dressed like this''. Dawn was my classmate and she had a crush on me. I told her to leave me alone she was to prissy. Mom told me it was to late, she was going to humiliate me in front of Dawn. With that came the knock at the door and mom told them to come in .I was shaking as Dawn and her mom began to laugh. Karen asked what was going on and mom told me to tell them why I was dressed like this and I better tell them the truth or else she would make sure I was put over her knee. So I told the lie my mom wanted me to the one she belived.''I got caught by my aunt dressed this way because I like to dress as a girl'' . my mom then added ''he likes to wear pretty panties but I'm thinking panties might not be what he should be wearing under his dress''. Karen looked at the table and seen the rumba panties and smiled. She told my mom they were pretty and my mom said she was thinking of diapers under my dress. For some reason Dawn's face went red .Her mom said to her go get some diapers and rubber panties. She ran out the back door.
my aunt always told me I was too pretty to be a boy
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