PG 13 From panties to diapers part 2
Humillation by mom
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Dawn was back in less than 10 min. Her mom looked at her and told her I was a bad boy but soon was going to be a good girl like her. I was crying so hard I was sure I had no more tears left in me. I begged my mom not to put me in them, that I would wear the girly panties, she told me ''yes you will, to school .but  while in the house you would wear diapers.'' I t was Karen who looked at Dawn and told her ''I guess your getting a little playmate''. Then looked at me and told me Dawn was a bedwetter and wore diapers at night. We were both 12 but Dawn was 5-3 and 110,I was 5-0 and 90 pounds and her mom let my mom know Dawn had some pretty dresses she had out grown that I could have. That got Dawn to smile and before I knew it mom had diapers and pink rubber panties on me. They felt weird at first but at the same time good and snug. Dawn took my hand and we went into the living room to sit while our mothers talked in the kitchen. I didn't know how to sit as a girl and she let me know what was showing. she told me ''don't worry I will teach you how to be a girl and if you are good maybe I will talk to your mommy to let you wear big girl panties like these''. she pulled her skirt up to show me
my aunt always told me I was too pretty to be a boy
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