PG 13 Dawns panties
Wearing Dawns panties
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Dawn ran home and came back with a pack of nylon day of the week briefs. I could see why she did not want to wear them, they had lace around the leg holes and looked like a 5 year old should be wearing them. When she handed them to me my mom made sure I thanked her. When I stepped into a pair I began to wonder if my aunt was right about me .They felt so good on me, too good would be the word. For some reason I had this funny felling down below and it was Karen who first noticed it. She whispered in my ear, ''someone likes his panties, are you felling like a little girl''. I turned 50 shades of red and she told Dawn to take her little sister for a walk around the block. I was sure mom would say no, but she said that was a good idea so she and Karen could talk some more. I was humiliated and scared some one would see me, but what shocked me was the air as it went up my dress, it was a felling I could not explain. Dawn on the other hand told me how it was going to be from now on. I was the little sister and I was going to listen to her, she had me tell her how much I liked being a little girl. just as we turned the corner to go back to my house my worst fear came true , there in front of  us stood Mary another classmate. Only Mary was big and she was a bully, she began to laugh and asked Dawn what was going on. Dawn filled her in but told Mary I wanted to dress as a little girl and be her little sister. Mary looked at me and asked if that was true. What could I do, so I told her it was all true , only to hear Mary tell me, ''you can be my little sister too, I dress my brother up in my old clothes  so now he will have a playmate.
my aunt always told me I was too pretty to be a boy
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