PG 13 Weekend adventure
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0o0 a typy spot lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallala.
A blog to myself, o oko kok ok yo howdy me!!!!
My weekend was fun and stuff, the best part had to be the closing of the weekend though. I inserted about 10 marshmallows into myself (I wonder if that is too much, I thought the more there is the meaner it is :P) I then put on one of my Tena slip diapers and sat down in my car as to not lose control too soon.
 I drove for about half an hour out of town until I found I beautiful and secluded spot and the I laid down on my back, lifted my legs and then let it all out to make a very wet and sticky/stinky mess.
I sat back down in my car and drove through a very bumpy forest road back home.
The whole evening was very exciting, so much so that I kept on speeding because of the excitement of the whole event and this brings me to the conclusion that I want to go camping and wear nothing but diapers and pretty dresses the whole time ^_^
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