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Here is my updated blog on the new Sissy Kiss.
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I am sure many went thru problems when the site was upgraded in June 2013. I did since I post a lot I found many errors and glitches. I had to do a great deal of maintenance on my posts to get them right again.

Christie Luv was very helpful. I am sorry to say I bothered her many times being frustrated by things not working anymore or being so different. In time the errors and glitches were worked out.

Then came another smaller upgrade. The new Image Gallery was created and Storytime was upgraded to a new style. These worked out excellent in my opinion. I have restored every one of my stories to original content.

The new Image Uploader eliminated the need for Pix Princess when posting new images. It works great for me and I have uploaded almost 20 pages of images mostly for Captioned Piccies.

The new site however has reduced the personal contact between members. I miss the old Network Activity wall. I miss posting on someone's Sissy Space and having it show up on mine including responses.

Last I heard a new more Facebook like design is being worked on. The present editor is not error free and still needs repairs. This is very true if you browse and post with Internet Explorer. The site is still very slow and I hope it picks up.
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