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Here are a few diaper brands that I like.
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Old Drycare 24/7: Was my favorite before they change it. Like most things if it is not broken don't fix it. The new ConfiDry 24/7 are like wearing a cardboard box. They are not as soft as they used to be or as thick as they used to be.

Abena X-plus: My old favorite and once again my favorite adult diaper as M4. They are very thick, very soft and comfortable with a plastic outside cover. I find them very absorbent too.

Depends Fitted Briefs: I have always liked these even though they were much better about 20 years ago. The new ones are a bit thicker again and fairly absorbent. I prefer the whiter plastic outside to the old green color.

Tranquility ATN: A very good diaper for the price. Pretty absorbent with a white plastic cover with wetness indicators. They are made to protect the skin and cases come with 96 diapers in the medium size.

My problem is I fall between sizes and have tried many disposable diapers. I like Attends but they are cheap and thin compared to the past. Medium is much to small for me, large is huge and can't possibly wear them.

Have a great day and stay diapered when you can! Baby Butch : )
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little Chloe
My favorite diapers are from

some are cuddlz printed with baby teddys :)
and then there is bambino plain ones

both are super absorbent,
not very good if you want them to be discrete to wear lol

Delivery is very Discrete thow :)

Chloe x 
Baby Butch
@ little Chloe
  Hello Little Chloe - Sorry to be late but your comment was great. Sounds like some really good nappies too! *hugs*
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