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I have made thousands of captioned pictures since joining Sissy Kiss in 2009.
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Greetings Everyone,

I joined Sissy Kiss back on November 4, 2009. I was amazed at the wonderful captioned pictures on this site. I really liked the many cappies made by our web missy Christie Luv. At this point I had never made a captioned picture.

I started making and posting my own captioned pictures starting in January of 2010. Not knowing how to do this I started by posting the picture and then writing text on the bottom. I always gave the cappie a title and wrote that on top of the picture.

Finally I realized I have a "paint" program on my computer and began to learn how to use it. The program was basic but I could caption my pictures before posting them on Sissy Kiss.

After a while I realized I could write on the pictures. I could add text boxes and write below or on the right side of the pictures. I soon started to make them better by adding color to the cappies.

I learned to color the background of the text boxes. I used many different font types and font colors. I became good at writing on the pictures and learned what shows up best for readers of my cappies.

Eventually I learned how to put multiple images together to make a cappie. I started inserting lots of various images to dress them up a bit. By this time I had made several thousand cappies. I love the comments and enjoy making them.

A year or so ago I was in need of a new computer and managed to buy one. This one also contained a "paint" program and it is more advanced. I learned to add colorful borders to the cappies.

I became good with the old program and this new "paint" program was much better. I now can insert multiple images, multiple pictures, and use lots of colors for my fonts and borders and put them all in just one cappie.

This is a lot of fun and rewarding when you read all the amazing comments. I started to reply to comments after a couple of years. My old cappies I wanted to be just comments by others. I learned it is better to reply back and make friends.

I could go on and on but will stop soon. The most recent thing I learned is to add shapes like stars and hearts. My new "paint" program has lots more options once I learned how to use it. I can see the improvement in the program.

I would like to encourage others to make captioned pictures and post them here on Sissy Kiss. It is a lot of fun using your imagination to see what you can come up with. You will enjoy the feed back and make new friends and supporters of your work..

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Sissy Kiss, the best site on the Internet. We can thank Christie Luv for that. She works hard to keep this complicated site online and up to date. I wish to thank all those who view and comment on my work.

Have a great day!
Hugs from Baby Butch : )      

Note: There are many great captioned picture makers on this site. Please show your support by leaving comments and letting us know what you think. Make positive comments please but other feedback is usually appreciated.

Statistics on my cappies and where they are located:

Pix Princess: I have 50 albums on 25 pages and 60 cappies in each. This makes a total of 3,000 cappies.

Sissy Kiss Image Uploader: I have 30 pages with 50 cappies in each.
This makes a total of 1,500 cappies.

Grand Total: 4,500 captioned pictures and growing.

Baby Butch's Gallery: My gallery is 20 pages long with 20 cappie threads on each page. That makes 400 cappie threads in my gallery.

Link to my gallery: http://sissykiss.com/forum/baby-butchs-gallery/

Captioned Piccies: Since this new updated site was created in June 2013 I have posted 100 threads of cappies in this forum. I moved all my old cappies to my gallery before the site upgrade.

Link to Captioned Piccies:  http://sissykiss.com/forum/captioned-piccies/

Spotlight Gallery: I have posted 25 threads in this gallery.

Link to Spotlight Gallery: http://sissykiss.com/forum/spotlight-galleries/

Special Members Gallery: I have posted 20 threads here. Permission is needed to access this gallery. Usually 100 site posts will get you in after asking. Posting a thread of cappies can also get you in depending on Christie Luvs rules.

Link to Special Members Gallery:
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BB you keep me coming back to this site. I love your cappies. May you always have new cappies and wet nappies! Love Jessybaby 
a new me teehee
Baby Butch
@ jessybaby
 Can't believe I never saw this before. Been over 2 years since you posted it. I provided 2 more years of cappies and had more wet nappies! Love Baby Butch
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