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So as I wrote in my last blog I had to be punished for not wearing my diapers and the punishment involved wearing a diaper for 2 nights and a day with regular doses of laxative to keep me messing.

By lunchtime yesterday I'd already messed twice and felt really yucky and I was still going to be in that diaper for at least another 18 hours, as the day continued I found I was messing around half an hour after eating and it didn't matter if it was a meal or a snack. As my diaper continued to fill walking became more and more difficult to the point where if I had filled it any more this morning I would have been crawling. Changing after one final mess this morning was a real relief. I have never been so stinky and uncomfortable in a diaper before and this rash I've got will definitely remind me to be a good girl for the next few days.

However this punishment did have one real upside the constant messing made me feel really helpless. Which when combined with the girly toys I bought the other day made me feel like a real baby for the first time. I felt really content just doing some colouring in my new disney princesses colouring book or playing with my Minnie Mouse dolly. In future I might do days like this willingly just with changes after I mess rather than having to stay in one diaper the whole time.

Don't think I'll ever get used to the taste of castor oil though that stuff is really icky.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blogs, I'll do my best to keep them going but I will be moving in a few weeks so there might be a week or two at some time around late August where I can't post at all.

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