Sissy Diary Day Seven
A whole week!!!!!
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Hmm five exclamation marks in the description there, I am clearly an excited little girl today.  

Rather than simply talk about the state of my diapers this morning and as I'm typing (very wet/messy and wet respectively) I thought instead I'd write about the week as a whole.

When I started this series of blogs I was nervous about sharing some very private and no doubt to some ikky information. But as the week has gone one I've started to feel much more relaxed about sharing information about my bodily functions and I look forward to writing these posts now.

One week ago it's fair to describe me as a naughty little girl who didn't wear her diaper anywhere near regularly enough. Whilst I'd never had any sort of accident I think the general state of my diaper as the week as gone on proves that eventually I would have had one, maybe not this week but some time in the future definitely. I'd also say I've proven beyond doubt (if there was any to start with) that at heart I really am a diaper dependent little baby girl. Consistently throughout the week I had felt happier and more comfortable when diapered and dressed in a cute outfit.

Obviously my ultimate goal of becoming a true bedwetter is nowhere near to being achieved but the progress I've made this week has really helped me keep going. Wetting and messing has got so much easier as the week has gone on. Wetting in particular has already got the the point that when I wet it takes me some time to notice the warmth spreading around my diaper.

Hopefully next week will be just as exciting and I might even finally standarise my numbering for each post. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my posts.

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