Sissy Diary Day Four
Yep I'm still writing these hope you're not bored....
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H everyone,

I'm starting to have second thoughts about doing this diary on a daily basis, so I wouldn't mind getting some feedback, what would you prefer, small daily posts like this one or slightly larger ones every two to three days?

Now on to the baby stuff, last night I went to bed so wet that I was surprised I didn't leak everywhere and when I woke up I made the diaper even wetter. It's a good thing I actually enjoying being in wet diapers otherwise last night would have been unbearable, and not just due to the full diaper. I got very little sleep last night thanks to my neighbours having a very loud party last night some time after midnight, then they went out, came back at about 3 even drunker than they had been earlier and made even more noise (a lot of creaking and moaning if you catch my drift). I probably got about 2 hours of sleep last night if I was lucky so I'm feeling rather irritable at the moment, hopefully a night in a diaper will do the trick and I'll feel better in the morning.

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